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Inventory management AI

The Future of Inventory Management: Integrating AI and Machine Learning

Among the technologies contributing to full supply chain integration, artificial intelligence and machine learning reign as the most disruptive of the status quo. Destined to revolutionize management and transform the...

How Distributors Can Benefit from Supplier Relationship Management

Explore the crucial role of Supplier Relationship Management in enhancing supply chain efficiency. Active management enhances the benefits of supplier relationship management in five major ways by optimizing vendor performance...

How Group Purchasing Organizations Can Help Streamline Your Procurement Process

Discover how Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) revolutionize procurement in MRO management with SDI's Supply Chain Cooperative. Learn about cost savings, efficiency, and expert guidance in cooperative purchasing.

How Digital Purchasing Cooperatives Unlock New Value from Indirect Spend

Learn how joining a digital purchasing cooperative can help optimize indirect spend management. By aggregating volumes and sharing collective intelligence, cooperatives drive increased cost savings, enhanced visibility, improved responsiveness, and...

Leveraging Purchasing Cooperatives for Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

Learn how purchasing cooperatives strengthen supply chain resilience. Aggregated buying power, diversified suppliers, data analytics, and flexible contracts reduce risks. Understand differences between traditional GPOs and modern cooperative models.
Enhancing Facilities Operations and Maintenance

Enhancing Facilities Operations and Maintenance

Streamlining maintenance work order completion for technicians by integrating mobile technology with CMMS platforms improves procurement processes. Ron Fijalkowski explains how.

Bridging Skill Gaps: Empowering Trade Technicians with Integrated Parts Management

Uncover how SDI's Integrated Parts Management solutions and expert Technical Parts Support Team empower trade technicians to boost productivity and efficiency. Learn about innovative tools like the Tech Vault and...
Digital Supply Chain in Action

Understanding the Role of Supply Chain Cooperatives in Risk Mitigation and Enhanced MRO Management

The landscape of global supply chains is one defined by increasing complexity and potential hazards. The stakes are high, and a single disruption can have far-reaching implications for a business....

Navigating MRO Staffing Challenges: Addressing the Skilled Labor Shortage in Plant and Facilities Maintenance

Discover effective strategies to address the skilled labor shortage in plant and facilities maintenance, including partnering with educational institutions, diversifying the talent pool, and investing in employee development. SDI offers...
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