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About Supply Chain Services

At SDI, we collaborate as an extension of your supply chain to augment, enhance, and accelerate your strategy. SDI is a digital supply chain services and solutions firm with a focused practice on MRO, FM parts, store essentials/GNFR, and PPE.

Supply Chain is Essential

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the world’s lack of readiness to manage through a global supply chain crisis and the need for digital supply chain management strategies that reduce our reliance on off-shore suppliers for crucial parts, components, and materials.

While facilities management (FM) materials and maintenance, repair, and operations supply (MRO) were historically neglected areas in many organizations, many of the materials that flow through the FM and MRO supply chain are mission critical.

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Purpose-Built for YOUR Supply Chain

After developing an understanding of each client’s specific objectives and how they’re measured, we structure specific benchmarking to optimize how supply chain fits into their workflows related to parts, labor and asset management – then we design and implement digital supply chain solutions to address areas of improvement and optimization that directly impact the client’s KPIs.

The Future of Digital Supply Chain is Now