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About Supply Chain Services

SDI is an industry pioneer in supply chain solutions and services, renowned for over 50 years of experience in guiding facilities and plant maintenance leaders towards operational excellence. As specialists in integrated parts management, SDI has transformed procurement services and warehouse management solutions across a spectrum of industries by collaborating as an extension of your supply chain to augment, enhance, and accelerate your strategy.

What is Integrated Parts Management?

IPM is an end-to-end, parts management program that aligns and integrates with your plant maintenance and facilities management (FM) strategy, enabling you to address and optimize the 20-30% of your annual budget that is often neglected.

The connected digital supply chain approach to parts management:

  • Improves end-to-end data transparency and workflow visibility for improved control and predictability in demand
  • Improves maintenance productivity and wrench time by as much as 20%
  • Decreases total cost of ownership of the supply chain of parts and materials critical to maintaining revenue-generating assets, facilities, and plants by more than 10%

Both in-sourced and third-party technicians can  leverage the digital supply chain to locate and purchase parts and materials for both preventive and reactive maintenance.

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Purpose-Built for YOUR Supply Chain

After developing an understanding of each client’s specific objectives and how they’re measured, we structure specific benchmarking to optimize how supply chain fits into their workflows related to parts, labor and asset management – then we design and implement digital supply chain solutions to address areas of improvement and optimization that directly impact the client’s KPIs.

The Future of Digital Supply Chain is Now