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Using Source to Pay Solutions to Resolve Supply Chain Disruptions

Integrated data access, accurate and up-to-date reporting, digital automation, and other source-to-pay solutions for maintenance, repair, and operations are quickly gaining traction in the manufacturing industries. Advanced technologies and third-party...

5 Ways GPOs and Supply Chain Cooperatives Optimize Procurement

Procurement, plant maintenance, and facilities management professionals responsible for the upkeep of asset-intensive environments and production plants must prioritize streamlining the acquisition of critical spares, repair parts, and consumables to...

System Integration Methods: Unlocking Efficiency in Facility Management and Supply Chain Management

In the ever-evolving world of facility management and supply chain management, seamless integration is crucial for success. System integration methods like Electronic Document Interchange (EDI) and Application Programming Interfaces (API)...
Rows blue plastic storage bins containing screws, bolts and nuts.

The Dangers of Obsolete and Slow-moving Inventory

Whether you’re a manufacturing plant or a retail facility, inventory management for the spare parts, consumables, and materials needed to maintain and repair facility and plant assets is crucial. For...

Understanding the Cost of Asset Downtime and How to Minimize It

Asset downtime can have a significant impact on an organization’s bottom line, resulting in lost productivity, revenue, and increased maintenance costs. When critical assets break down, production comes to a...
Shipping Cargo Containers

What to Do When Quality and Purchasing Costs Are out of Control

With competition increasing and competitive advantage difficult to sustain, profits in the manufacturing sector today often comes down to cost containment. Unfortunately, market conditions, supply chain issues, labor issues, invasions,...
The Role of Critical Spares

Maximizing Uptime: The Role of Critical Spares in Facilities Management and Supply Chain Operations

As someone who has worked in onsite facility restoration services and now works in maintenance supply chain management services, I know how critical it is to have the necessary spare...
digital transformation

Unlocking the Power of Digital Transformation with Effective Supply Chain Master Data Management

Master data – the information, statistics, processes, and guidelines that govern a business and its supply chain – has always been essential, strategic, and proprietary. The groundswell attending digital transformation...
Supply Chain Logistics

How to Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions With Real-time Data Transparency

The global nature of business, geopolitical upheaval, impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic, increasing extreme weather events, and more factors are placing ever-greater strains on complex and interdependent supply chains....
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