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October 2023

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Leveraging Purchasing Cooperatives for Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

Learn how purchasing cooperatives strengthen supply chain resilience. Aggregated buying power, diversified suppliers, data analytics, and flexible contracts reduce risks. Understand differences between traditional GPOs and modern cooperative models.

Which Procurement Method is Best? Centralized Purchasing vs. Decentralized Purchasing vs. Hybrid Models

Industrial procurement has emerged as a critical function for any manufacturing and production company. Effective procurement management ensures the steady supply of the raw materials, components, equipment, and services that...
Enhancing Facilities Operations and Maintenance

Enhancing Facilities Operations and Maintenance

Streamlining maintenance work order completion for technicians by integrating mobile technology with CMMS platforms improves procurement processes. Ron Fijalkowski explains how.

Progress Over Perfection: Harnessing Existing Data in the Age of IIoT

In his recent talk at the Automation Leadership Conference, John Delligatti shares strategies to optimize supply chain data without large IIoT investments, emphasizing progress over perfection.
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