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About Us

About Us

SDI is a Digital Supply Chain Services and Solutions firm with a focused practice in MRO, FM parts, site essentials/GNFR, and PPE – the parts, materials, equipment, and consumables necessary to keep plants and facilities operating safely and productively. Our people, process, and technology have enabled the worlds’ most efficient supply chains for over 50 years. Our solutions are purposefully designed to drive outcomes and improve the performance of facilities and plant maintenance teams.

The Facts about MRO Integrated Supply and Business Process Outsourcing. What is Integrated Supply?

Our Passion is Supply Chain

And we’re driven to empower organizations to achieve tremendous value, savings, and efficiencies – improving their lives overall.

We’re not distributors; we don’t sell parts.

We’re not labor arbitrage; our model is not lift & shift.

We’re not a technology provider; technology enables our people and process.

We’re not procurement outsourcers; procurement is just one element of our offering.

We’re not consultants; we implement our solutions…and measure the results.

SDI acts as an indispensable extension of your supply chain. We’re here to augment, enhance and accelerate your team. Not replace it.

We partner with complex organizations, like yours, to unlock the hidden value of supply chain – changing your perspective to transform your supply chain into something predictable and reliable. We do that by becoming an extension of your business, working across your organization to coordinate actions and align metrics with a common data set to deliver significant improvements and efficiencies.
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Think Differently

Our mission is to change the way people think about and manage supply chain. We’re challenging the status quo, transforming FM parts, MRO, and GNFR from a category of spend to a value-creating digital supply chain. From a cost of doing business to a source of innovation and sustainable competitive advantage for our customers

Our Vision

SDI is committed to becoming the leader in digital supply chain solutions and services. Leading the way by constantly challenging the status quo, endlessly innovating, and continually investing in the best and brightest people, processes, and digital technologies that enable significant value creation for our customers and employees.
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