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December 2023

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Enhancing Procurement Efficiency through Source-to-Pay Automation

Discover the benefits of Source-to-Pay automation in procurement and its impact across industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. Learn how SDI's S2P services can revolutionize procurement efficiency and decision-making.
AI is Transforming Contract Writing

5 Ways AI is Transforming Contract Writing

In the intricate world of facilities management, contract writing has long been a time-consuming and complex task, often fraught with challenges that can hinder efficiency and escalate costs. However, the...

How Distributors Can Benefit from Supplier Relationship Management

Explore the crucial role of Supplier Relationship Management in enhancing supply chain efficiency. Active management enhances the benefits of supplier relationship management in five major ways by optimizing vendor performance...

How Group Purchasing Organizations Can Help Streamline Your Procurement Process

Discover how Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) revolutionize procurement in MRO management with SDI's Supply Chain Cooperative. Learn about cost savings, efficiency, and expert guidance in cooperative purchasing.
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