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Storeroom Technology

Storeroom Technology

Searching, finding, ordering, and tracking parts and repairs doesn’t get any easier or more intuitive than ZEUS. From intuitive search technology to mobile storeroom technology and MRO software apps that allow accurate and timely cycle count, issuing, picking and delivery – even a vendor portal for suppliers to enter invoices and acknowledge POs – SDI has all the FM and MRO software and technology in place to keep your entire supply chain well-connected, well-informed and ultra-efficient.
storeroom technology
Storeroom Tech

Non-stock issues just became non-issues.

If you use your ERP system to maintain inventory, you know how difficult searching and finding parts can be – so your company relies on non-stock purchases. This kind of spot buying wastes money and creates obsolete inventories. Not so with SDI – with our MRO storeroom management software and cataloguing technologies, master data management and cross-reference data searching, SDI can add structure, order and visibility to a typically inefficient non-stock scenario

A Plug & Play Storeroom Management Software Solution

An integral part of SDI’s solution is the ability to connect to your company’s existing CMMS system. We employ a variety of methods to pass data including EDI, XML, and APIs with no customizations needed – our MRO software even runs the storeroom, all you do is enter work orders in SAP or your ERP system, we do the rest.

ZEUS combines an entire portfolio of proprietary solutions as part of our true 360-degree lifecycle approach to FM parts and MRO supply chain management:

Complete barcoding and inventory-tracking system to validate all existing-parts data
Inventory cameras with optional monitoring service to aid in loss prevention and reinforce storeroom procedures
Secure point-of-use vending, unmanned stockrooms, and multi-site facilities locker solutions

A seamless transition for your people.

You, your planners, and maintenance personnel don’t need to change systems – all picking, materials, purchasing, and replenishment activities go into ZEUS. Instead of dealing with 3,000 invoices each month for indirect material, with SDI’s storeroom management software, you receive just one.
Storeroom Tech

Where do we start with our storeroom technology solutions?

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