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Engineering Document Management

Engineering Document Management Systems

Your secure, one-stop hub for technical documentation of key assets to your business. SDI’s Engineering Document Management System – the Tech Vault – houses up-to-date service manuals, parts lists, reference material, training videos, and more to aid in the maintenance of client-specific assets.
Digital Cloud

Cloud-based for Anytime Collaboration

The Tech Vault is cloud-based and accessible in-app or online via login credentials into your SDI program. We’ve optimized this central knowledge hub for easy searchability and viewing on mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. It’s engineered for the way you work.

A central, online living repository with up-to-date curated content, SDI’s Engineering Document Management System – Tech Vault – is invaluable for a long list of practical reasons.

Improving Productivity



Time Savings

Improving Productivity

Improved First-call Completion

Improved Quality of Repairs

Faster Repair Times

Material Master/Bill of Materials

Recording accurate data on all equipment, parts, and linking the parts to the correct equipment is a fundamental building block for any Digital Supply Chain Management Program. SDI can create Material Masters (MM) and Bills of Material (BOM) to provide accurate equipment data always in the right location. Our Technical Services engineers can assist your team in developing material data that goes beyond a basic description. Accurate data is the cornerstone of any maintenance and reliability program, but capturing and maintaining all that data is cumbersome and requires resources that you may not have available. Let SDI fill that gap. Material creation, updating information, and bill-of-material creation are all tasks that SDI can help with – all to drive your operation’s effectiveness.

Technical Parts Support Team

While many companies offer Engineering Services to their customers, often a licensed Engineer may not be needed where a highly technical individual is able to address many of the issues needed from the parts perspective. SDI’s Technical Parts Support Team is comprised of part-sourcing experts with trade experience and technical backgrounds, who have a broad understanding of the equipment and systems associated within plant and facilities maintenance trades.

This team communicates with the field, speaking their “language” and using their experience to help technicians resolve challenges and they may be experiencing in locating parts for their work orders. The Technical Parts Support Team also helps to act as a translator to explain to non-technical groups how or why additional items may be needed, what an item is, or how it works. This value-added team works to collect as much technical information – operator manuals, maintenance manuals, parts manuals, service bulletins, reference guide, spec sheets, training & service instructional videos, etc. – from various sources and places this information into a searchable access point available at the Tech’s finger tips directly from the mobile app – The Tech Vault.

Easy Access for Accelerated Adoption

With everything online and classified in a taxonomy architecture – with the same path for each category – maintenance technicians have one standard pathway to finding the must-have materials they need to complete work orders and get revenue-generating assets back to work. For continual training and onboarding, The Tech Vault houses SOPs and can integrate with HR and other Learning Management Systems, providing ongoing training and ensuring compliance for existing and new employees in the field.

Technicians and maintenance teams develop a holistic asset-owner view, improving acumen on equipment and assets that they didn’t install themselves. And with everything at their fingertips, technicians know what they need in order to repair assets, even when they’re out in the middle of nowhere. No longer do they need to search online or go back to the van to search a catalog. This improves the technician user experience and accelerates user adoption – which means faster results for your organization. Read more about ensuring the success of a tech-enabled solution. 

Engineered for Complete Client Satisfaction

The technical services experts at SDI understand the challenges inherent in facilities management, storeroom management, maintenance operations and production floor processes. We go well beyond traditional technical support to provide added technical brainpower and the central repository to help increase efficiency and productivity, save you time and energy, and reduce total FM parts and MRO spend.

Contact us today to more about how adding The Tech Vault to your IPM or MRO program can improve enterprise knowledge management and align cross-functional teams to create a more efficient and fulfilling working eco-system at scale. 

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