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ZEUS is the Digital Supply Chain Management platform purpose-built for the indirect supply chain of FM parts and materials, MRO, PPE, Tailspend, and essential GNFR. 

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ZEUS Supply Chain Analytics

SDI’s Data Analysts walk our clients through their data, helping them break away from the tribal knowledge that is typically siloed by function across their enterprise, to reveal the story behind their data.

This holistic view of the supply chain enables better, data-driven decision making, to pinpoint exactly where to implement changes that drive measurable improvements for each client’s specific KPIs.

ZEUS Mobile Ordering App

Whether as part of an MRO program or an Integrated Parts Management (IPM) solution, ZEUS enables buyers to shop for supplies in external B2B catalogs that aggregate multiple suppliers under a common front-end user interface while retaining visibility to the purchase and product type. This streamlines the procurement process and increases the number of transactions being influenced by procurement without sacrificing visibility and control. And having instant access to global markets that are dynamic creates a forum for competition and innovation.

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