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About SDI in Canada

Our adaptable MRO supply chain solutions led to expanding our business capabilities into Canada in 1997.

SDI’s Canadian subsidiary, SDI Canada services clients across Canada. While a legal subsidiary with offices in Canada, SDI Canada is truly an integrated operating part of SDI, built from the ground up, rather than an existing operation purchased by SDI. As such, SDI Canada provides the same services including Data Management, Transaction Processing, Inventory Management, Continuous Improvement and On-Site Services using the same Technology platform as SDI and SDI de Mexico, SDI’s Mexican subsidiary. SDI Canada also shares the services of the corporate-based North American Central Operations Team where bi-lingual customer service representatives and buyers will be happy to help our French-speaking customers. 

Local Suppliers First

We know that working with local Canadian suppliers is important to your business, so we ensure a smooth transition from a customer’s existing supply base to any new suppliers that are found to be more cost-efficient after an exhaustive review and analysis by our experts. Once a full category review is complete, SDI Canada will provide a strategic sourcing recommendation, which may include re-sourcing, product alternatives, product standardization, regional supply, etc. During implementation, we focus on establishing relationships with the existing supply base as well as new suppliers, to develop the necessary links for efficient transaction processing. Oftentimes we will buy from your existing suppliers leveraging our national contract at savings to you. Since we’re not a distributor, nor are we tied to specific product lines or suppliers, we never push you to utilize a U.S. supplier.

Unlike distributors that are compensated by manufacturers to sell their product lines, with SDI Canada the supply chain optimization is unbiased. We select the supply channel that meets your needs without conflict. In order to make this happen, SDI’s centrally-based Strategic Sourcing team has overall visibility, contract management, analyses, and control for all North American contracts, and directly manages Canadian based SDI Canada representatives responsible for Canadian supplier management, compliance, and local supplier relationships. This setup provides leverage across the Americas to multi-national based suppliers and ensures consistent operations execution for customers with operations across the Americas. If you prefer to work strictly with your existing supplier network, no problem. We offer hosted solutions that allow us to continue to work with your suppliers but streamline your transaction processing to save money, time, and hassle.

SDI in Canada