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What’s Your Facilities Management Efficiency? Take the Quiz

Take our short quiz to evaluate your procurement efficiency, which is crucial for ensuring smooth facility management operations. See how you score!
Facilities Maintenance Quiz

SDI 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Explore SDI's journey towards sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and belonging in our inaugural 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, highlighting our steps and commitment to a better future.

Critical Procurement Best Practices for the MRO Supply Chain in 2024

Master MRO procurement in 2024 with SDI's latest guide. Reduce costs, boost efficiency, and enhance supply chain performance. Download now for key strategies.
Critical Procurement Best Practices

The Digital Transformation Checklist for Procurement Professionals

Revolutionize procurement with SDI's checklist for digital transformation: Streamline processes, boost efficiency, and make smarter decisions.
Digital Transformation Checklist

ZEUS Supply Chain Analytics Guidebook

Unlock the power of advanced data analytics and supply chain insights with the ZEUS Supply Chain Analytics Guidebook. Elevate your plant maintenance and facilities management operations through user-friendly KPIs, data...
Zeus Guidebook

Unleashing Value in Procurement: The Tail Spend Revolution Powered by SDI and Fairmarkit

In the complex landscape of procurement, tail spend – the numerous small, infrequent, and unmanaged purchases that collectively account for a substantial portion of a company’s spending – often flies under the radar. Despite...

Navigating MRO and Indirect Supply Complexity: An Innovative Cooperative Purchasing Approach

The Infrastructure Gap The Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) industry is a vital cog in the machinery of asset-intensive organizations. Yet, it is often an overlooked aspect in many companies...

The Hidden Cost of MRO Failures

Industry survey from The Center for Supply Chain Research(R) Smeal College of Business, The Pennsylvania State University in collaboration with Ivaldi and SDI sheds light on reasons for early retirement...

SIG Research: What Is Your Path to Data Understanding?

Explore Sourcing Industry Group's (SIG) latest research on data culture and data literacy: 'What Is Your Path to Data Understanding?'. This white paper presents a comprehensive playbook for digital transformation,...