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eProcurement Software & Mobile Apps

eProcurement Software & Mobile Apps

Tap into the supply chain ecosystem and leverage the global marketplace from anywhere, including legacy and local suppliers, with SDI’s eProcurement software and mobile applications.

Slow, imprecise, and prone to error, labor-intensive ordering and payment systems are notoriously hard to manage. Many transactions are non-contractual, leading to higher and unpredictable prices. They often are decentralized, increasing the potential for over-ordering.

Purpose-Built for Optimization and Innovation

SDI’s purpose-built ZEUS supply chain management platform is the culmination of over 50 years of procurement expertise to optimize the purchasing process, minimizing the input errors that take time to reconcile and avoiding late payment costs.

ZEUS enables buyers to search for suppliers and shop for supplies in external B2B catalogs that aggregate multiple suppliers under a common front-end user interface while retaining visibility to the purchase and product type. This streamlines the procurement process and increases the number of transactions being influenced by procurement without sacrificing visibility and control. And having instant access to global markets that are dynamic creates a forum for competition and innovation.

Software Development

Our development teams work hand-in-hand with our customer success teams who communicate to client stakeholders and end users on a regular basis. That means, the feedback from the field gets integrated into app new releases. So your digital supply chain technology continuously evolves with your needs and as the market and supply chain ecosystem evolves. 

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Explore SDI’s eProcurement Tools

Leverage spending power with access an extensive range of categories in FM parts, MRO, site-essential GNFR, and PPE
Empower maintenance teams and field technicians with a single mobile app to order the items they need to complete work orders