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Enhancing Facilities Operations and Maintenance

Enhancing Facilities Operations and Maintenance
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Recapping the Tech Talk from ConnexFM Mid-Year 2023: Empowering Efficiency with Mobile Parts Supply Chain Tech & Analytics

Pain Points in the Current Work Order Process

For too long, the process for facility maintenance technicians to complete work orders and purchase needed parts has been inefficient. Technicians waste copious amounts of time emailing back and forth with procurement, driving to various suppliers, and navigating countless websites trying to find parts. This results in delayed repairs, friction, and limited visibility into spending.

Facility managers have minimal insight into work order status, causes for delays, and maintenance costs. The typical process involves technicians submitting work orders into a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). But then they have to leave that system altogether to source and purchase parts across various suppliers in a disconnected process. There is no link between the CMMS work order and the parts purchasing workflow.

Leveraging Mobile Technology for an Integrated Solution

To streamline this fragmented process, we worked closely with technicians and facility managers to develop an integrated mobile solution. The key functionalities include:

  • Unified parts search across suppliers
  • Electronic price quotes and ordering
  • Work order status and delivery tracking
  • Access to OEM component manuals
  • Non-catalog part requests

This mobile app seamlessly connects to the existing CMMS through APIs, tying together work orders and parts purchased for true end-to-end visibility. By providing technicians with an efficient way to source parts and materials needed for repairs, they can complete work orders faster. Case Study: How One of the World’s Largest Retailers Improved Work Order Completion Times.

Benefits for Technicians, Facilities Teams, and Asset Owners

The mobile app alleviates technicians’ pain points by enabling them to spend less time chasing down parts and more time making repairs. By reducing time wasted and enabling faster issue resolution, the app also decreases emissions and improves sustainability.

For facility managers, the solution provides full lifecycle analytics on maintenance events – from work order creation to completion. This arms them with data to make smarter purchasing decisions and optimize repair efficiency.

In summary, by listening to end user needs and applying technology, we’ve transformed an antiquated process into a streamlined, seamless one. The mobile app benefits technicians, procurement teams, and asset owners alike by extending the value of CMMS platforms. To learn more, contact SDI today.

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