The Digital Supply Chain Company


What’s up with today’s supply chain?

Fragmentation of the supply base, lack of accountability for parts-related supply chain, plus the disconnect between Enterprise Asset Management, Facilities Management, and Supply Chain Management Strategies have created a perfect storm of hassles.



Average wrench time lost due to techs having to shop for, drive to, and/or wait-for parts

Deferred Work Orders


Deferred work orders that can be directly attributed to parts-related issues (supplier stock-outs, extended lead times, etc.)

Average Savings


Average lost savings by NOT aggregating, consolidating, and leveraging parts spend

How do we fix it?

360° Supply Chain Visibility for Greater Control and Optimization.

Imagine a broad, control-tower view of your entire supply chain ecosystem. A platform to order/track materials, collect/analyze critical data, monitor spend/benchmarking/consolidation, and control compliance/sourcing/contract negotiation/supplier diversification. This is the agility and transparency SDI brings to your operation.
Digital Connectivity

We’ve been there, solved that.

Specialized, Experienced People:

SDI has 50+ years of indirect supply chain expertise. Our depth of category knowledge empowers you with market intelligence to get more spend under your control.

Collaborative, Problem-Solving Process:

An extension of your supply chain, we augment, enhance, and accelerate your enterprise strategy. Together we’ll prioritize categories of spend, develop Scopes of Work, and deliver phased strategic WAVE plans. On-premise and Center-led teams of buying/sourcing pros allow us to not just identify but REALIZE savings.

Purpose-Built ZEUS Technology:

The ZEUS digital supply chain platform creates critical transparency to anticipate demand, respond quickly to disruptions, and better identify savings opportunities. AI-automated ZEUS includes modules for Advanced Data Analytics, eProcurement and mobile apps, Storeroom/Warehouse Technology, and Inventory management.

Who benefits from our solutions?

SDI digital supply chain solutions focus on plant and facilities maintenance, repair, and operations. We empower asset-intensive organizations such as retailers, grocers, banks, industrial manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and educational institutions to align asset management and supply chain management, improving enterprise visibility, control, and performance.
Hands Up

Measurable outcomes delivered

Human capital improvements

Improved wrench time
Improved technician experience

Invested capital improvements

Reduction in parts-related unplanned down time

Working capital improvements

Reduction in excess and obsolete FM parts/MRO inventory,
Reduction in finished goods inventory (safety stock) due to unreliability of production

Operating expense improvements

First-call completion for technician work orders
Aggregation and leveraging of parts spend
Back-office transactional savings

Warehouse Success

Success Stories