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Facilities Management

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Critical Spare Parts Management

Critical Spare Parts Management Preserves Quality, Decreases Downtime and Enhances Customer Loyalty

Effective management of critical spare parts inventory ensures an organization’s operational continuity, optimizes asset performance, and prevents costly downtime. Critical spare parts management identifies and ensuring the availability of essential...
Woman using computer while doing inventory in a factory stock photo

Streamlining Facility Operations: The Power of Integrated Parts Management

Learn how linking procurement systems with work order management enhances maintenance efficiency and asset management for multi-site facilities and mid-market industrial manufacturers.
Cooperative Purchasing Process

Cooperative Purchasing vs. Group Purchasing: Understanding the Key Differences

In the world of procurement strategies, cooperative purchasing and group purchasing organizations (GPOs) play pivotal roles in optimizing procurement efficiency and enhancing business operations. These approaches are central topics in...

Unlocking Procurement Efficiency: How To Streamline Your Process

Discover the key strategies to achieve greater procurement efficiency and take our interactive quiz to assess your facilities management effectiveness.

Streamlining MRO Procurement with Single-Source Search Technology

Discover how Single-Source Search Technology transforms MRO procurement by centralizing supplier databases and inventory systems into one accessible platform.
Intelligent Automated Sourcing

Cost Control Made Simple: The Financial Benefits of Intelligent Automated Sourcing

The Imperative of Automation in MRO Supply Chain Management In the realm of Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO), traditional management approaches, burdened by manual processes and siloed data, cannot keep...
Schools Overcome Building Maintenance Procurement Challenges

How Cooperative Purchasing Helps Schools Overcome Building Maintenance Procurement Challenges Cost-Effectively

In the K-12 education realm, achieving a balance between fiscal responsibility and operational efficiency presents a significant challenge, particularly regarding building maintenance and operations (MRO). Schools face unique hurdles, from...
Facility Management

Why Integrated Parts Management is Critical for Multi-Site FM in 2024

In 2024, facilities management (FM) leaders can no longer afford to ignore the parts and materials supply chain. As revealed in our recent whitepaper, unmanaged and fragmented supply chains have...
Engineering Document Management

Boosting Efficiency: How Effective Engineering Document Management Saves Time and Money

By their nature, engineering firms are swimming in documents that must be revised, retained, stored, and audited. Firms trying to wade through these tasks using a traditional, paper-based engineering document...
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