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At SDI, we truly believe that the supply chain works best when it all works together. And that includes our trusted supply partners. With a centralized model for efficiency, scalability, and predictability, all of us at SDI take great pride in managing the FM and MRO supply chain to support predictive and productive operations, for a more connected enterprise.

The ZEUS Digital Supply Chain Management platform includes SDI’s cloud-based
eProcurement system that provides a one-stop-shop user experience that drives compliance to procurement protocol, yields enriched data for actionable insights, and provides full visibility into enterprise buying activities.

ZEUS gives SDI customers easier access to more of your materials and supplies via a simple, dynamic marketplace of millions of tail spend, MRO items, FM parts, store essentials, GNFR and PPE materials.

Immediate and Long-Term Benefits

Suppliers who participate have seen YoY spend increases of 100-300% due to:

  • Increased visibility in our catalog and punchout offerings
  • Items displayed in competitive marketplace
  • High data quality standards mean users know product detail is precise and accurate at all times

ZEUS makes it easier for customers to get the parts they need delivered on time – even during periods of geopolitical unrest and product shortages. SDI offers customers two levels of buying convenience to access your products and materials:

  1. Start with a universal catalog with punch-out capabilities to the most popular categories and suppliers;
  2. Move up to a client-specific, hosted catalog that allows greater visibility.


Benefits include:

  • Cost-effective and paperless
  • 24/7 access and real-time information facilitates faster decision making
  • Approval workflows to allow control of expenditure
  • Efficient handling of transactions and order tracking
  • Compliance with pricing arrangements and agreed processes
  • Facilitates the purchasing of non-stock items, as well as routine restocking and catalog-based purchases
  • Consolidated invoicing and reporting in a format determined by the client
Storage and management
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The Benefits of Utilizing an API with ZEUS

While we can update supplier content with regularly updated flat files, connecting via an API will provide the optimal experience.

  • Optimized shopping experience for users
  • Easier, more efficient catalog maintenance
  • Smoother fulfillment process
  • Fewer:
    • Pricing discrepancies
    • Quantity gaps or shortages
    • Invoicing exceptions

Utilizing an API with ZEUS also opens the opportunity for suppliers to become more engrained in SDI’s quoting process for stock items and opens the client up to an additional $100M+ in spend annually.

Cloud-Based Convenience

ZEUS is a complete, out-of-the-box eProcurement tool with punchout capabilities, order tracking, approval setup, and parametric search. Whereas other platforms may only give customers a framework to do it themselves – separately negotiating with each
supplier – we deal with ALL the suppliers, and the electronic enablement, so you don’t have to.

  • ZEUS provides a simple platform to access an extensive range of categories for tail-spend, with deep expertise in MRO.
  • Only one log-in for all transactions
  • A marketplace of millions of items
  • Punch-out to suppliers’ live websites – client shopping cart items transferred back to ZEUS automatically
  • Free text order merged into punch-out suppliers
  • Purchasing category and mapping to client categories in real-time to guarantee 100% match on import of cart
  • Category buying compliance checking in real-time – ensuring that users are buying materials from the right suppliers, improving supply contract compliance
ZEUS Catalog Search

SDI is Supplier Neutral – Here’s just a sample of the thousands of suppliers whose products help enable our clients’ production lines and facilities.

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