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Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Any supply chain involves various parties from one end to the other. For MRO and Facilities Maintenance, it’s thousands of suppliers in such a fragmented supply chain that traceability, automation, and security are virtually impossible without a digital supply chain. Innovative technologies such as blockchain, intelligent lockers, point-of use vending systems, and optically-enabled unmanned storerooms can significantly impact and shift the very nature of the FM parts & MRO supply chain.
Automated Storage
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Full End To End Transparency

The ultimate in last yard fulfillment – point-of-use vending, secured lockers, and automated unmanned storerooms – ensure line workers and maintenance techs can access the consumables, protective equipment, and supplies they need near their work locations. They offer the added benefit of tracking material use by individual, department, and project, lending important insights into productivity and efficiency and inventory control.

Critical parts can now be within yards of revenue-generating assets in your facilities and equipment on your manufacturing floor – right where maintenance technicians need them – thanks to SDI’s vending and point-of-use solutions. One swipe of a security card and the part is in the technician’s hands. Plus, all storeroom inventories are updated automatically via ZEUS.

Last Yard Fulfillment

The last yard extends beyond last-mile logistics to integrate critical products, parts, and services to seamlessly and efficiently manage operations, facilities, break rooms, and storerooms. Leveraging the digital ecosystem in combination with dynamic platforms, SDI’s customers benefit from the ease of ordering, transparency, and speed that is results from site storeroom services, inventory management, and controls that extend the supply chain from the receiving door to the operations floor.

Contact us today to learn more about how AS/RS and last yard fulfillment provides organizations with visibility into unmanaged purchases, reduces transaction costs, and shortens the distance between the point of purchase and point of use.

Lastyard Fulfillment