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eProcurement Software

eProcurement Software

ZEUS provides an easy-to-use procurement technology platform to access an extensive range of categories with deep expertise in FM parts, MRO, site-essential GNFR, and PPE. SDI offers complete MRO procurement and FM procurement tool out of the box with: 

  • Punch-out capabilities
  • Order tracking
  • Approval setup
  • Parametric search
  • Mobile applications
eProcurement Software

Manage Your FM, Tail-spend, and MRO Procurement

ZEUS is SDI’s cloud-based way to access all MRO, FM parts, essential GNFR, and other tail-spend items from one point of contact in real-time while processing all transactions into a single, consolidated, itemized bill each reporting period.

Whereas other platforms only give you the framework to do it yourself, SDI deals with ALL of the suppliers and the electronic enablement, so you don’t have to. ZEUS procurement technology is ideal for sites and operations of all sizes. With MRO, visibility and control are crucial, so ZEUS makes it easier to find and get the parts you need ASAP.

To better manage your MRO, FM parts and tail-spend, SDI’s procurement technology offers immediate and long-term benefits:

24/7 access and real-time information for faster decision making

Approval workflows to allow control of expenditure

Efficient handling of transactions and order tracking

Cost effective and paperless

Compliance with pricing arrangements and agreed processes

Facilitates the purchasing of non-stock items, as well as routine restocking and catalog-based purchases

Consolidated invoicing and reporting in a format determined by you, the client

eProcure Software

Simplify Purchasing with SDI’s eProcurement Software

Leverage SDI’s buying power with our eProcurement software to get the best prices with this simple, dynamic online marketplace of hundreds of thousands of MRO, FM parts, essential store GNFR, and other tail-spend items. Or contact our North American headquarters location if you prefer a more personal touch. Whether through the online system, through the app, via text or phone call; manage all your FM and MRO procurement needs, with a single point of contact. SDI’s ZEUS platform is fully customizable to your unique systems and requirements.

Learn more about SDI’s ZEUS eProcurement module, read about our ZEUS Mobile Applications or contact us today to schedule a demo.