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Group Purchasing Organizations

Unlocking Cost Savings Through GPO-Based Supply Chain Management

With ongoing supply chain disruptions and inflation driving up costs, organizations are looking for innovative ways to optimize procurement and achieve savings. One approach gaining traction is participation in Group...
ROI for Digital Supply Chain

Evaluating ROI: How to Measure the Success of Your Digital Supply Chain Implementation

Implementing new digital technologies and solutions in your supply chain can deliver tremendous benefits, but it also requires significant investment. In order to justify the investment and ensure your implementation...
Digitalizing Your Source-to-Pay

Benefits to Digitalizing Your Source-to-Pay Process

The procurement process represents a pivotal function that directly impacts an organization’s bottom line. Businesses across industries employ source-to-pay solutions to identify and align with key suppliers, purchase goods, monitor...
Inventory Management Technology

The Role of Technology in Modern Inventory Management

In an ever-evolving business landscape, procurement and facilities management professionals face significant challenges in managing inventory effectively. This blog explores the transformative role of technology in modern inventory management, drawing...
Inventory management AI

The Future of Inventory Management: Integrating AI and Machine Learning

Among the technologies contributing to full supply chain integration, artificial intelligence and machine learning reign as the most disruptive of the status quo. Destined to revolutionize management and transform the...

Developing a Forward-Thinking Procurement Strategy for 2024 and Beyond

Learn how collective buying, expert insights, and digital transformation can drive cost savings, supply assurance, and sustainability in your procurement processes. Discover SDI’s Supply Chain Cooperative for innovative MRO procurement...

Planning for Supply Chain Optimization in 2024

To thrive in today's complex landscape, organizations must optimize their supply chain operations. As we move into 2024, here are some best practices for supply chain optimization.

Enhancing Procurement Efficiency through Source-to-Pay Automation

Discover the benefits of Source-to-Pay automation in procurement and its impact across industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. Learn how SDI's S2P services can revolutionize procurement efficiency and decision-making.
AI is Transforming Contract Writing

5 Ways AI is Transforming Contract Writing

In the intricate world of facilities management, contract writing has long been a time-consuming and complex task, often fraught with challenges that can hinder efficiency and escalate costs. However, the...
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