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Supply Chain Logistics

How to Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions With Real-time Data Transparency

The global nature of business, geopolitical upheaval, impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic, increasing extreme weather events, and more factors are placing ever-greater strains on complex and interdependent supply chains....
Source to Pay

How to Leverage Source to Pay Solutions in Your MRO Strategy

Few activities bear as heavily on a manufacturing or retail business’s success as the procurement and payment function. Source-to-pay (S2P) solutions dictate the price and terms of raw materials, the...

ProcureCon MRO 2022 Themes, Takeaways and Predictions

SDI was proud to sponsor and participate in this year’s Procurecon MRO. Procurecon events always share inspiring content from insightful guest speakers and provide a natural atmosphere that helps cultivate...
Digital warehousing

How to Incorporate AI in Supply Chain to Drive Business Forward

With margin-constrained organizations turning to maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) supply chains as sources of cost savings and competitive advantages, the intent to connect the supply network to all aspects...

How Digital Supply Chain Technology Can Improve Facilities Maintenance Labor & Resource Planning

The “next normal” in facility management is already here, and the perfect storm is on the horizon. FM leaders, already resource-constrained by the pandemic and early retirements, are facing continued...
Warehouse tracking app

Why You Need Better Inventory Visibility, Including What’s Managed by a Third Party

You can’t manage or improve what you can’t see. That adage is never more appropriate than when it comes in inventory. Whether you do it yourself or rely on a...
Supply chain workers

5 Easy Ways to Improve Supplier Relationship Management

Optimal supplier relationship management requires much more than selecting low-cost, dependable vendors. COVID-19, globalization, and societal shifts have combined to shine a spotlight on how organizations can assure reliable streams...
Facility workers

7 Ways GNFR and Indirect Spend Optimization Bring Value to Facility Maintenance Management

Facing record-breaking inflation levels, labor shortages, soaring fuel prices, and a volatile supply chain—business leaders in operations and finance are charged with the task of protecting profits even after already...

What Is eProcurement and Why Your Company Should Care?

COVID-19 forced businesses of every kind to automate, digitize, and adopt technologies to overcome the constraints it exerted on the global supply chain. The pandemic and its aftermath highlighted the...
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