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Implementation & User Adoption

Integrated Parts Management and MRO Change Management

At SDI, we understand that change is an essential part of improving your operations, whether it’s in Facilities Management (FM) or Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) supply chain management. We specialize in guiding organizations through these transitions with a blend of Project Management and Change Management to drive positive outcomes.

FM Transition & Change Management

Our approach to FM Transition & Change Management involves a dual focus: Project Management and Change Management. These two aspects work in harmony to help your organization not only accomplish the necessary tasks but also ensure that the people involved adjust to and embrace the improved processes, systems, roles, and organizational structures.
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Implementation Project Management

Our team of Certified Project Management Professionals utilizes a proven methodology, incorporating Lean/Six Sigma principles. Cross-functional implementation teams, led by dedicated project leaders, ensure on-time and on-budget transitions. We work collaboratively with your team to customize implementation timelines based on the scope of work, ensuring successful execution through standardized operating procedures.

Change Management

Realizing effective change requires a deep understanding of your current state, a clear vision of the desired impact, and a concrete plan to make that vision a reality. SDI employs a combination of processes, tools, and techniques to manage the people-side of change. This includes creating readiness for change, establishing a shared vision, developing crucial relationships and political support, and maintaining momentum throughout the transition.
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MRO Project Management

SDI’s MRO Project Management leverages Project Management Institute foundations, fundamental project management principles, and Six Sigma methodologies. Our industry-specific engineers evaluate your inventory against your daily requirements, research the market, and provide recommendations that reduce excess inventory while delivering value-added benefits.

We help you align your processes with evolving market forces, meet business objectives, and ensure program success. Our Certified Project Management Professionals implement a proven methodology combined with Lean and Six Sigma practices, delivering dramatic results for organizations of all sizes.

Phased Implementation to Increase Speed-to-Results

To expedite results and improve success rates, SDI offers a phased approach to implementing our MRO Digital Supply Chain Solutions:

Phase 1: Pre-Launch

  • Typically 2-6 weeks, focused on pre-work and planning
  • Identifies gaps in the current process to accelerate implementation

Phase 2: Ready Launch

  • Typically 6-8 weeks, enables focused tasks Runs parallel paths for on-site setup, customer integration, IT integration, and sourcing
  • Reduces on-site resources and simplifies IT integration
  • Ensures predictable piece price savings from Day 1

Phase 3: Optimize

  • After 6 months in Ready Launch, SDI finalizes full integration, including systems integrations
  • Overlay of Hypercare customer service for a seamless transition

SDI’s Phased Implementation approach immediately delivers benefits such as reduced implementation costs, minimized on-site resources, decreased end-user anxiety, minimal process changes, reduced risk, and accelerated value, providing 10% or more in piece price savings.