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Supply Chain Technology

Supply Chain Technology

Leverage the game-changing potential of Industry 4.0 with ZEUS digital supply chain technology. ZEUS is the purpose-built technology and MRO software platform that offers you supreme power over your supply chain. Just as ERP systems are tailored for business and production needs, we have invested in an utterly customized system designed to provide exceptional functionality specific to optimizing the complexities of the supply chain.
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ZEUS Sits at the Nexus of Enterprise Asset Management, Facilities Management, and Supply Chain Management

The ZEUS digital supply chain platform creates critical transparency to anticipate demand, respond quickly to disruptions, and better identify savings (and process improvement) opportunities. AI-automated ZEUS includes modules for Advanced Data Analytics, eProcurement and Mobile Apps, Storeroom/Warehouse Technology, and Inventory Management.

Our Purpose-Built Supply Chain Technology

Data-Driven Insights Across Enterprise Strategies to Drive Better Decisions
Real-Time Interoperability for Real-Time Action
Sourcing-Compliant Marketplace Purchasing with Omnichannel Fulfillment for All Site Essential Materials
Anytime Collaboration with a Central Vault of Technical Documentation for Assets
Competitive Sourcing and Efficient Control of Undermanaged Spend at Scale
Intelligent Management and Predictive Forecasting with Visibility Across ALL Inventory – including third-party service providers
Intuitive technology that allows accurate and timely cycle count, issuing, picking and delivery
Digital supply chain integration to leverage CMMS and WOM platforms, for consistency in planning, streamlining operations and increasing uptime