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Storeroom and Warehouse Management Services

About Storeroom and Warehouse Management Services

SDI offers a comprehensive suite of storeroom and warehouse inventory management services that help improve supply chain efficiency, reduce costs, and improve uptime. Our Inventory Management solution combines intelligent technology, intellectual capital, and supply chain expertise to drive to optimum customer inventory levels while minimizing, even eliminating, future occurrence of obsolete inventories and stock-outs.

Storeroom Management

Managing slow-moving and obsolete (SLOB) inventory is a common challenge for many companies. Our storeroom management solutions help prevent the accumulation of SLOB inventory by focusing on compliance with maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) policies, procedures, and storeroom management best practices. We also provide timely reporting on usage patterns by product, individual, and department.

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Best-in-Class Inventory Management Operations

Whether you use a storeroom, a stock room, a warehouse, or truck stock – the purpose is simple – to optimize maintenance and productivity by ensuring the right part is available at the right place, at the right time, every time. This requires flawless storeroom operations to ensure inventory accuracy and availability. With this guiding principle, SDI’s team of experienced strategists consulted with industry experts and Fortune 100 companies to identify the criteria that define successful storeroom operations.

Together, we isolated 59 specific touchpoints across 5 key areas and created a powerful tool to effectively measure a company’s baseline storeroom operations. This one-of-a-kind, industry tested and vetted methodology evaluates current practices and provides a numerical rating to benchmark performance and identify opportunities for improvement. From there, we provide tailored guidance to reach best-in-class status.

Storeroom Assessment and Layout

Rather than focusing solely on parts, SDI takes a holistic approach to FM and MRO supply chain management that provides the best total cost of ownership and value beyond product price reductions.

We start with our proprietary MRO storeroom assessment to determine optimal solutions based on factors such as:

  • Production and maintenance schedules
  • Number of SKUs
  • Number of storerooms
  • Activity per shift
  • Overall projected scope

Understanding your unique goals and objectives allows us to deliver maximally effective storeroom solutions customized for your operations.

Flexible Storeroom and Warehousing Solutions

SDI offers on-Site, off-site, and hybrid storeroom management and warehousing solutions including training for client personnel, complete outsourcing with our on-site professionals, or a hybrid approach.

  • Full Turnkey Warehousing – Efficiency and Expertise at Every Step Our Full Turnkey Warehousing solution sets up, staffs, leases, and operates the warehouse for you, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity.
  • Co-managed Warehousing – Shared Responsibilities, Shared Success In our Co-managed Warehousing model, SDI sets up the warehouse while your team handles the leasing, staffing, and operations. This fosters a strong partnership that drives supply chain efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Transition Oriented Warehousing – Guiding You Towards Self-Sufficiency SDI’s Transition Oriented Warehousing solution provides an initial setup, staffing, and operations with a clear transition plan for your team to take over in the future. This ensures your team is well-prepared to manage warehousing operations in the long run.
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Operations Staffing

Our experienced team can physically manage inventory transactions (issuing, receiving, put-away, cycle counting, reconciliation, returns) while processing purchases through our ZEUS e-Procurement module.

Our on-site services include:

  • Flexible coverage options (5×8, 24×7)
  • 6S Storeroom organization by category, equipment, and workflow
  • Processing of issues, receipts, put-aways, returns, cycle counting, and reconciliation
  • Enhanced inventory accuracy and cataloging of active SKUs
  • Site-specific standard operating procedures
  • Barcoding
  • Demand forecasting
  • Product lifecycle management and warranty/repair
  • Obsolete item disposition
  • Continuous improvement
  • Performance scorecards with trends and drill-down

Whether fully outsourced or supplemented with training, our customizable solutions optimize storeroom operations.

Storeroom Optimization Services

SDI offers several services to improve storeroom productivity, costs, and uptime. An organized, efficient storeroom reduces mechanics’ search times and enables streamlined models like pick-pack-and-deliver.

Our storeroom optimization services include:

  • Data Capture: Our experts collect and baseline your SKU data, enabling visibility into usage and purchase trends to leverage MRO spend.
  • Storeroom Setup: We remove excess and obsolete inventory, optimize layouts for efficiency, and manage the change process.
  • Storeroom Maintenance: For relocations or new lines, this on-demand service realigns inventory levels, monitoring, min/max definitions, and lead times.

Reach out to us to begin optimizing your warehousing and storeroom operations, enabling you to reduce costs and minimize downtime.

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