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Brian Harmon

Intelligent Automated Sourcing

Cost Control Made Simple: The Financial Benefits of Intelligent Automated Sourcing

The Imperative of Automation in MRO Supply Chain Management In the realm of Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO), traditional management approaches, burdened by manual processes and siloed data, cannot keep...
Poor Purchasing Relationships

Supplier Relationship Management: Consequences of Poor Purchasing Relationships and How to Avoid Them

In today’s complex business environment, managing supplier relationships is critical for success. Poor supplier relationships can have severe consequences, including supply chain disruptions, quality issues, and increased costs. On the...

How Group Purchasing Organizations Can Help Streamline Your Procurement Process

Discover how Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) revolutionize procurement in MRO management with SDI's Supply Chain Cooperative. Learn about cost savings, efficiency, and expert guidance in cooperative purchasing.

How Digital Purchasing Cooperatives Unlock New Value from Indirect Spend

Learn how joining a digital purchasing cooperative can help optimize indirect spend management. By aggregating volumes and sharing collective intelligence, cooperatives drive increased cost savings, enhanced visibility, improved responsiveness, and...

Which Procurement Method is Best? Centralized Purchasing vs. Decentralized Purchasing vs. Hybrid Models

Industrial procurement has emerged as a critical function for any manufacturing and production company. Effective procurement management ensures the steady supply of the raw materials, components, equipment, and services that...

The Advantages of a Centralized Purchasing Model

A centralized purchasing model offers many benefits that can help businesses operate more efficiently and reduce costs. While decentralized purchasing gives individual departments more control, a centralized system provides overall...

5 Ways GPOs and Supply Chain Cooperatives Optimize Procurement

Procurement, plant maintenance, and facilities management professionals responsible for the upkeep of asset-intensive environments and production plants must prioritize streamlining the acquisition of critical spares, repair parts, and consumables to...
Shipping Cargo Containers

What to Do When Quality and Purchasing Costs Are out of Control

With competition increasing and competitive advantage difficult to sustain, profits in the manufacturing sector today often comes down to cost containment. Unfortunately, market conditions, supply chain issues, labor issues, invasions,...
Supply chain workers

5 Easy Ways to Improve Supplier Relationship Management

Optimal supplier relationship management requires much more than selecting low-cost, dependable vendors. COVID-19, globalization, and societal shifts have combined to shine a spotlight on how organizations can assure reliable streams...
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