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Integrated Facility Management Solutions that Work for You

Integrated Facility Management Solutions that Work for You
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Many of the constraints limiting integrated facility management solutions have been overcome in the last decade. De-siloed data is now available to decision makers and downstream applications; developers have created sophisticated facilities management software to automate processes, track supplies, schedule maintenance, and perform a variety of fulfillment tasks; supply chain-as-a-service companies have leveraged economies of scale, infrastructure, supplier relationships, and other assets to deliver economical streamlined vendor and parts management, cost management, and productivity solutions.

SDI’s Facility Management Services

Zeus, SDI’s digital supply chain management platform, coordinates a suite of facilities management software and people solutions to fully integrate a variety of MRO and inventory functions. Parts management forms the backbone of SDI’s strategy, which includes active management of the tail spend, payment and procurement transparency, and a purpose-driven approach to critical spares, consumables, cleaning supplies, PPE, and more. SDI’s integrated parts management solutions all work cohesively to produce ultimate visibility into your parts stock and lower your management costs. Our IPM solutions include:

  • Assessment – We conduct a comprehensive audit, using data to determine sourcing, contracting, maintenance, uptime, and other trends. We compile an implementation plan for correcting inefficiencies and leveraging strengths within the organization.
  • Supplier Coordination and Management SDI experts do the heavy lifting to negotiate advantageous contract terms – price, warranties, returns, delivery, and more. We aggregate purchases among our clients to leverage bulk discounts and minimize transaction costs.
  • Procurement AnywhereZeus is device-agnostic. Your technicians can order parts from contracted suppliers using e-catalogs accessible from office computers, warehouse tablets, or from the field using our IPM mobile app.
  • Order Tracking Know exactly where parts and material orders stand and when they can be expected to arrive. The SDI mobile app sends updates in real time when orders are received, shipped, en route, and delivered.
  • Inventory Visibility Schedule and document all warehouse functions, including receiving processes, location verification, counting, stock outgo, and replenishment. Inventory management dovetails with vendor catalogs and lifecycle data for accurate order forecasting and automatic reordering.

The Value of Facilities Management Services

SDI clients recognize the value that comes with consolidating all the tasks involved in maintaining their facilities – including vendor consolidation, parts acquisition, and equipment maintenance – with an experienced managed service provider. They often realize not only direct efficiency and purchasing advantages in their maintenance, repair, and operations workflow but also indirectly through energy savings, increased wrench time, greater worker satisfaction/less turnover, and more. SDI partners with manufacturing, retail, governments, healthcare, and other high-inventory organizations identify their needs. A range of services are available including:

  • Eliminating complexity by reducing the number of vendors engaged
  • Monitoring and prevention of off-contract and rogue purchases
  • Reducing supply risk through relationships with diverse, redundant suppliers
  • Onsite or remote inventory management
  • Automation of routine, and repetitive tasks such as part reorders and payment
  • Optimizing reactive, preventative, and predictive maintenance
  • Warehouse organization
  • Personal protective equipment sourcing

Facility Management – Integrated and Aligned

SDI creates customized parts, maintenance, repair, and operations maintenance service for clients of all sizes and industries. Services may include on-site supervision and storeroom management, strategic sourcing of marketplace solutions and contracts that mitigate supply risk, and source-to-payment quality control based on individualized criteria, workflows, and service-level guidelines.

All this is backed by robust data science and the comprehensive Zeus platform to deliver superior business intelligence, boost efficiency, and cut costs. Contact us to discover how the resolute facility management team at SDI can transform your MRO operations into a strategic asset.

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