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eProcurement & Mobile Field Technician Apps

Just as client operational systems are tailored for production needs, SDI has invested and developed mobile applications specifically designed to provide exceptional functionality specific to optimizing the complexities of the Facilities Maintenance supply chain. Our IPM eProcurement software and mobile applications enable access to an extensive range of categories for facilities management (FM) parts and tail spend that drives compliance to procurement protocols, yields enriched data for actionable insights, and provides full visibility into enterprise buying with the ability to leverage spending power.

The IPM Mobile App: The Value of Time 

For any multi-site facilities leader, the inefficiencies in the parts and materials supply chain and buying process results in technicians spending at least a quarter of their time searching or shopping for parts. And it's a HUGE chunk of their budget as well. That’s why more and more multi-site FM professionals are moving to a single spare-parts management platform to reduce cost and waste. 

In an Integrated Parts Management program, the field techs use a single mobile app to order many of the common items they need. They use this same app to place non-catalog items as well. They can upload photos of the part, equipment name plates, etc for any items they need, all while standing right in front of the equipment on the job site. They also have access to bill of materials, quick reference guides, and manuals on the equipment they’re service right in the app. This saves a tremendous amount of time in going back to the truck or shop to locate a manual.

  • Technicians increase their tool time by putting all their purchases in one location.
  • Utilize the supplier call-in function to place orders for pick up at their preferred local supply branches,
  • Punch out from the app to the larger catalogs of participating suppliers, drawing all their shopping carts into one central platform
  • Integrate with your CMMS system to pass information via APIs, to connect purchases to the work order, which provides benefits in productivity downstream 

Combined with SDI Sourcing & Procurement services, the platform enables technicians to perform one-stop shopping for repair materials, eliminating the time-consuming exercise of going from supplier to supplier searching and ordering material required for repairs. 

Empowering technicians with real-time access, visibility, and control from ANYwhere.

Bring the full power of the FM supply chain to the field technician, regardless of location. Field technicians can access a single hosted catalog of FM parts, MRO, PPE and Essential materials from their truck, home, job site, you name it. Order everything from general maintenance materials, PPE, HVAC and plumbing to electrical materials. Catalog can be configured to include customer-specific OEM suppliers, as required.

  • Mobile Custom Catalog: Field technicians can access a single hosted catalog of stock FM parts, MRO, PPE and Essential materials from their truck, home, jobsite… or order direct from suppliers using a punch out feature that conveniently ties each ordered part to the work order management system,tracking everything in one place.
  • TechVault: The SDI Tech Vault houses up-to-date service manuals, parts lists, reference material, training videos, and more to aid in the maintenance of client-specific assets. The vault is cloud-based and accessible via login credentials provided by SDI. We've optimized it for easy searchability and viewing on mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. It's engineered for the way you work.

Digital Supply Chain Strategy. Transformative Impact.

We work collaboratively with you to design a targeted solution to deliver the FM results and outcomes that you desire. IPM delivers real, quantifiable business results not limited to lower parts costs:

  • Improved Wrench Time - Minimizes tech time spent searching for/shopping for/driving to parts suppliers
  • First Call Completion – All parts & supplies through a single portal
  • Spend Leverage – Enables aggregation and leverage of spend and managed supplier performance (delivery, accuracy, price, etc.)
  • Standardization – Parts and suppliers
  • Visibility & Control – Of all parts purchasing and supply chain

SDI’s comprehensive Digital Supply Chain Management (DSCM) system, ZEUS, includes a full suite of parts management services ranging from eProcurement, Inventory Management, Supplier Management, and Order-to-Shipment Tracking.
The IPM mobile app specifically supports retail and facilities management technicians. To learn more about the IPM program, the IPM mobile app, or SDI's full DSCM program, contact us today. 

Success Story

SDI is an MRO integrator and partner that really helps drive categorization and a best practice approach.

SDI at Work

Data standardization is part of Google’s new initiative to help people find relevant datasets.  With a recent study from Data Science Central, it’s estimated that data scientists spend 60% of their time preparing data for analysis, rather than performing the analysis itself.  Therefore, the goal of this schema is to drive standardization so that more time can be spent analyzing it.  

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