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Integrated Inventory Management

A proven model that aligns people with deep category expertise, center-led process, and full scale digital supply chain management (DSCM) technology, SDI's IPM program impacts both near-term results and long-term innovation and continuous improvement.

Smart Inventory, Smarter FM Strategy.

  • Complete inventory management functionality: receiving & put away, cycle counting, issuance/decrement of stock,and replenishment
  • Fully integrated with product catalog workflow
  • Location agnostic: van, warehouse, locker, etc…
  • Real-time visibility: supported by robust analytics and reporting

Most FM Techs have materials (stock) on their trucks, but rarely is this material inventoried. And while the technician likely knows what is in the truck, nobody else has visibility into what’s available in each truck. Unless they have a local shop or company warehouse / stockroom they regularly visit, the truck stock is all they have to work with, and truck space (and weight) is often very limited. This leaves technicians dependent on local suppliers, dealing with longer than normal lead times, for many repair items that are used less frequently, unique to equipment, large or bulky.

Truck Stock will also very from technician to technician, so it is hard for a business to estimate the inventory dollars tied up in truck stock. Tech’s also struggle with keep up with truck stock replenishment.

While the single parts platform won’t make the truck larger or carry more inventory, it will reduce part shopping time,improve tracking on material deliveries, and with implementation of the truck stock program, introducing standardization and visibility to each truck. This will allow for sharing within regional areas (or team), keeping the company abreast of where their maintenance parts are tied up as well as providing an estimated date that the equipment should be repaired.

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Success Story

SDI is an MRO integrator and partner that really helps drive categorization and a best practice approach.

SDI at Work

Data standardization is part of Google’s new initiative to help people find relevant datasets.  With a recent study from Data Science Central, it’s estimated that data scientists spend 60% of their time preparing data for analysis, rather than performing the analysis itself.  Therefore, the goal of this schema is to drive standardization so that more time can be spent analyzing it.  

Employee Spotlight

Jay brings 20 years in production manufacturing, warehouse operations, and variety lead positions expertise from companies such as Astec Industries, Watts Regulator, and Holt Cat.