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At the convergence of supply chain management and enterprise asset management (EAM), lies a supply chain integration process that ties MRO procurement strategies to the production reliability goals of the maintenance team. An organization’s ability to effectively manage their MRO directly impacts the reliability and accuracy of production lines. TQM and LEAN processes are all enabled by optimized MRO supply chain integration strategies to reduce defects, reduce unplanned shut-downs, and reduce downtime during overhauls and other planned maintenance, potentially leading to a 5 – 8% uptime improvement and a 25% improvement in maintenance tech wrench time.

Supply chain integration compatibility

Forward-thinking companies are embracing supply chain integration strategies to take advantage of technologies that already have proof of concept to gain visibility and further connect the procurement function to the maintenance function for digital success. Digital supply chain integration strategies leverage CMMS platforms, or Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, to provide consistency in planning, streamlining in operations, and increased uptime in production.

Digital Supply Chain Platforms for MRO, like ZEUS, can integrate through an API. For those organizations who are not on the current version of their CMMS and thus can’t support APIs, the supply chain integration process can apply a multitude of technologies ranging from cXML to EDI to Flat Files. So, companies without the resources to upgrade their CMMS can still benefit from systems integration.

SDI has a multitude of experience integrating ZEUS with systems like:

  • SAP
  • eMaint
  • JD Edwards
  • Maximo
  • Oracle eBusiness Suite
  • Passport
  • Famis eProcurement
  • Infor EAM
  • Mainsaver
  • Microsoft Dynamics

Little investments, big returns

Supply chain integration strategies provide maintenance organizations the benefit of a completely digital, optimized MRO platform without requiring storeroom technology investments. From bar code scanning, pick/pack/deliver, to smart phone ordering and forecasted replenishment and everything in between, the supply chain integration process enables full visibility into the supply needed to complete work orders.

SDI’s proven experience in helping customers successfully integrate their CMMS and MRO supply chains includes:

  • Consolidating storerooms in New York City, reducing inventory requirements from $32M to $1M
  • Integrating an SAP solution to provide Master Data Management for MRO Materials in an SAP catalog
  • Creating a single catalog for MRO across one organization’s 65 US-based plants
  • Tracking and notification to trades upon kitted delivery

In order to have reliability, manufacturers have to extend beyond the assets/equipment to the supply chain supporting those assets. The ability to predict a failure is not nearly as powerful as the ability to prevent it by having the parts and materials needed to minimize downtime. MRO is a pervasive problem for all maintenance organizations and the convergence of MRO and EAM are strategic inflection points that will help achieve greater efficiencies and control – ultimately giving companies a competitive edge.

To learn more about how SDI can provide a more connected enterprise through supply chain integration strategies, contact us today.

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