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Facilities Maintenance

Labor shortages in facilities management have cast a spotlight on FM supply chain technologies that augment FM teams to help ensure facilities and revenue-generating assets are maintained and repaired as quickly as possible. Aligning the facilities function with broader organizational supply chain management and enterprise asset management strategies creates end-to-end visibility to drive improvements in the lifecycle of these mission-critical assets that impact the in-store customer experience.

Inventory Visibility

Building a reliable process for managing your inventory and warehouse procedures can introduce across-the-board efficiencies that come with dedicated oversight, regulated workflow, and sophisticated analytics. Whether you do it yourself or rely on a combination of third-party suppliers or service providers, inventory management, tracking and measuring utilization, trends, and inventory movement across thousands of stock-keeping units presents a perpetual challenge. See how to gain inventory visibility.

Supplier Relationship Management

With the industry being affected by COVID-19, globalization, and societal shifts, creating strong healthy relationships with supply chain partners is more important than ever. Learn five easy ways to improve your supplier relationship management.

Retail organizations often dedicate most of their spend to merchandise and customer service delivery. What often goes unnoticed is the other 15-30% of indirect spending and GNFR (goods not for resale) that facilities need to sustain operation. See how facilities and supply chain management professionals can bring value to facility maintenance management and tackle GNFR with the same rigor as merchandise.


Procurement automation is rapidly becoming a fundamental strategy for procurement organizations looking to add value and clearly differentiate from their competitors. See how eProcurement applications harness cloud capabilities to enable more formalized sourcing, tracking, receipt, and payment of the things they need to run their companies.

maintenance technician

With skilled workers becoming harder to find and keep, many businesses are being pushed to their limits in terms of production and effeciency. While being short handed is a major challenge you can ensure you support your employees to help alleviate some of the burden.

3d printing spares

Disruption has critically wounded the global supply chain network and has forced FM leaders to rethink their long-term maintenance and management strategy. As digital solutions and technology continue to lead the way in supply chain digital transformation, expect more and more mature FM programs to begin to utilize 3D printing to support their FM strategy and futureproof their parts supply chain

Supply Chain Management

Today’s economic outlook is creating a strain on even the largest organizations. See the top 10 leveraged technologies that can help improve integrated supply management.

ConnexFM National Conference

The ConnexFM National Conference in Long Beach, CA is coming up in April 2022 and it may be THE show to attend for the FM world this year. Learn more about the event and our top recommended sessions to attend. Hope to see you there!

With continued supply chain disruptions, rising commodity prices, and labor shortages, industrial manufacturers are finding it challenging to maintain their production assets and facilities. Here are 3 ways to help you meet those maintenance performance goals with these obstacles stacked against you.