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digital supply chain solutions

With digital technology now at the center of every contactless interaction, both individuals and organizations are moving up the technology adoption curve at alarming speed. Learn more about the digital supply chain's role in adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic.

digital supply chain integration

Organizations typically achieve successful integrated digital supply chain management incrementally. Working with clients, SDI establishes milestones and checkpoints that allow companies to recognize and celebrate these early and regular victories. Learn more.

mro data audit

Ensuring your master data is accurate, complete, and consistent makes it an accessible, powerful tool for informing critical maintenance, repair, and operations decisions.

Procurement automation

Procurement Automation in the MRO supply chain can drastically improve process efficiency and costs savings for any organization. Learn more about the benefits of utilizing procurement automation software. 

There are multiple ways to go about handling digital supply chain management strategy. We've noticed 3 strategies that produce significant results. Learn more about process automation, advanced analysis of multiple data sources and savings tracking.

Robotic Process Automation

The robot revolution has already begun as bots seem more human and are able to perform more tasks. Learn how Robotic Process Automation can improve efficiency and overall customer experience.

Cyber Monday closed with US consumers spending a record-breaking $9.4 billion in online sales, according to Adobe Analytics. How have consumer expectations transfered to the B2B world?

Digital Supply Chain Management

Transforming the MRO supply chain from a necessary expense into a source of innovation and profit can be challenging. Learn how digital supply chain management can streamline processes, reduce downtime and operating costs, and more!

RPA Supply Chain

RPA, or Robotic Process Automation can be applied to supply chain management to reduce cost, increase revenue, and allow employees to focus on better serving their customers. Learn more about robotic process automation for supply chain management, and how RPA can benefit your company.

SDI's Zeus MRO Analytics engine was fed fantasy football data to generate customized views and compare player statistics for a data-driven approach to fantasy drafting.