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MRO Connections

Cyber Monday closed with US consumers spending a record-breaking $9.4 billion in online sales, according to Adobe Analytics. How have consumer expectations transfered to the B2B world?

Digital Supply Chain Management

Transforming the MRO supply chain from a necessary expense into a source of innovation and profit can be challenging. Learn how digital supply chain management can streamline processes, reduce downtime and operating costs, and more!

RPA Supply Chain

RPA, or Robotics Process Automation can be applied to supply chain management to reduce cost, increase revenue, and allow employees to focus on better serving their customers. Learn more about robotics process automation for supply chain management, and how RPA can benefit your company.

SDI's Zeus MRO Analytics engine was fed fantasy football data to generate customized views and compare player statistics for a data-driven approach to fantasy drafting.

An equipment BOM is critical for any maintenance and reliability program, yet many manufacturing companies fail to create a comprehensive BOM, and their profitability suffers as a result.

Digital Supply Chain

Industry 4.0 hasn’t just improved technology, it’s completely changing the rules. There are various avenues in which to make the 4.0 transition, here’s how you can get started.

MRO Purchasing

MRO purchasing analytics can be utilized to drastically improve supply chain operations by increasing storeroom efficiency to eliminate downtime and slice inventory carrying costs.

Supply Chain Management

To better leverage Industry 4.0 technologies, your supply chain solutions need consistent, quality data to connect it all and integrate into the digital revolution. 

Making MRO Data More Accessible

Industry 4.0 is impacting businesses faster than most can keep up, but artificial intelligence isn’t just for big data anymore. SDI covers everything you need to know about integrating AI into your company’s MRO data management systems.

Optimizing E-commerce with Big Data and Human Know-How

Managing big data in MRO supply chain requires dedication and commitment to a system that works. At SDI, we are consistently expanding in our services that ensure your organization is operating as efficiently as possible. Find out how our experts save clients time and money through big data analysis and implementation.