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MRO Supply Chain As-a-Service

About MRO Supply Chain As-a-Service

Take advantage of SDI’s 50+ years of market intelligence, deep knowledge of MRO and manufacturing processes, and purpose-built Digital Supply Chain Management platform, ZEUS, in a full end-to-end program that we call Enterprise MRO…or as-a-service.

Whether you implement an Enterprise MRO solution or MRO-as-a-Service, SDI sets you on a journey towards process excellence in an easier, step-by-step approach that’s less disruptive to your operations. It’s about flexibility and speed-to-result – bringing service, processes, systems, MRO-specific technology and expertise together into one ecosystem. This means more agile and adaptable business outcomes – to better serve your customers.

SDI connects all the components of the MRO supply chain, so no matter where you plug in, you can always expand your program to receive the full value of a more connected enterprise.

Plug in to any component of the value chain with MRO as-a-Service and immediately impact your key business value levers.

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