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MRO Master Data Management

About MRO Master Data Management

When the supply chain is viewed from end-to-end – not separate non-collaborative silos – data can be effectively accessed, managed, and shared freely and transparently. Master data management means better decisions, which means a straighter path to true competitive advantage.

Master Data Management Starts with MRO Data Cleansing

For every solution we offer, we make sure the very latest technologies for data collection, warehousing and management are in place. We start with clean data, including controlled data maintenance for all description changes and new parts, to ensure information integrity. Data cleansing is the cornerstone of effective MRO data management; and the benefits of clean data speak for itself.

As a result of MRO data cleansing, our clients have experienced:

  • 5-8% uptime improvements
  • 20-30% reduced inventory
  • 8-15% reduced parts prices
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Data Collection Process

SDI will cleanse and catalog your master data during implementation. We facilitate this by conducting a “crib crawl” or wall to wall physical of your storeroom areas to produce a comprehensive listing of all material on hand. The collected information will be uploaded to SDI corporate where parts will be assigned a SKU identification number and the normalizing, enhancement and system cataloging process begins.

Where material cannot be identified, an SDI resource will research the part to identify manufacturer and detailed description information. When the material is identified, it will be added to the catalog with a unique stocking location, and it will be put away.

ZEUS Purpose-Built Data Warehouse to Complement MRO Data Cleansing

After the MRO data cleansing process, since data stored across multiple systems is often difficult to consolidate, we can create a data warehouse for your reporting and analysis or we can give you the data in a format for you to upload into your system. If you choose to use our master data management software, then it would become your custom catalogue. Through our proprietary ZEUS system, a single platform providing visibility across inventories, we can map the success of your supply program.
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Supply Chain Intergration

Seamless Integration with your System

ZEUS can be easily integrated with your existing system as a plug-n-play platform, providing an easy-to-use and seamlessly connected process for requisitioning material and other supply transactions. The advantages are obvious right from implementation – processes are streamlined, workflow improves, and productivity increases. Redundant practices are also eliminated, and your entire organization saves substantial time and money.

MRO Data Management for Extraordinary Results

In addition to clarity, leverage, compliance, and savings, coordinated MRO data management efforts between maintenance, operations, and procurement result in reliable, efficient, safe, and sustainable assets and throughput.