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About MRO Source to Pay

SDI’s Source to Pay (S2P) services integrate each step of your MRO procurement process; from searching and sourcing to purchasing and accounts payable. We’ll work with you to create custom solutions that allow you to manage your organization’s MRO procurement from head to toe for maximum purchasing efficiency and bottom-line growth. Our source to pay services are catered to your organization’s specific needs, and our seasoned experts will help you every step of the way; ensuring your company is set up to deliver multi-departmental value, cost savings and process improvements.

Strategic Sourcing

An analytics-driven S2P approach allows greater visibility into the MRO supply chain, gaining more spend under contract through category expertise, and driving compliance to negotiated contracts through a hybrid center-led and on-premise process that implements improvements to realize newly identified savings.

SDI’s source to pay service starts with our strategic sourcing strategies. We first set up a strategy for your stock items, consumables and break/fix items that are generally inventoried for regular usage. The MRO procurement process for these items is automated and continually runs against our adaptive demand planning algorithms, to constantly optimize inventory levels.

Our hybrid S2P model lets us leverage our entire portfolio for more streamlined, efficient and scalable MRO and tail-spend procurement processes. Our procurement group focuses on compliance to pre-determined sourcing strategies, while our buyers’ deep category and industry knowledge helps ensure accuracy and the most efficient outcomes. The center-led S2P indirect procurement model allows our buyers to focus on your overall MRO supply chain needs, while on-premise resources provide high-level customer touch points.

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Requisition to Payment

To better control the tail that is your MRO spend, improve visibility, and increase savings, SDI becomes an extension of your supply chain to augment and enhance your procurement operations. SDI researches all parts and leverages our reliability engineers and site managers before issuing a purchase order on any non-stock items. Utilizing the proven tools provided by our strategic sourcing division, our buyers can ensure compliance that the right parts are always purchased on the right contracts. We offer a multifaceted approach that includes a combination of tactical buying desks, eProcurement technology, and experienced professionals with deep breadth of MRO category expertise and frequency in the market. MRO transaction services from requisition through supplier payment, including:
  • Order processing
  • Order confirmation
  • Order expediting
  • Receiving
  • Returns
  • Supplier invoice reconciliation
  • Three-way match
  • Supplier payment for goods and services
By implementing a S2P solution, manufacturers and other asset-intensive organizations benefit from streamlined processes, compliance to negotiated contracts and leveraged category knowledge, as well as improved efficiency and accuracy of the transactions that flow throughout the company. This translates to controls and compliance resulting in increased savings for both clients as well as suppliers.


Whether on-site or off, the SDI storeroom management staff focuses on transactional inventory management (issuing, receiving, cycle counting and reconciliation), customer service and continuous improvement. The ZEUS Digital Supply Chain Management system connects seamlessly with your current inventory and work-order management set-up.
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Client Support: 24/7/365

SDI follows the principles of both Lean and Six Sigma in our processes. This commitment allows us to create the maximum value through our sourcing exercises to deliver maximum improvement throughout every phase of our digital supply chain management services – all carefully designed to fit each client’s unique business objectives.

Customer support is provided in multiple layers starting with the on-site team and our Site Manager. The Site Manager can be contacted at any time. Additional customer service is provided though our Central Operations Group located in our corporate office in Bristol, PA. 24×7. Emergency support is available via an 800 number. Inbound inquiries can be sent in app, via phone, email, or fax. SDI has an incident log tool within our ZEUS system to log and track issues and incidents. Robust incident automation tools allow any user to log issues and route them to the appropriate resource for resolution. Reports on open issues, time to resolution and issue status are also available.

Transaction Processing & Order Management

SDI utilizes electronic data transmissions with its supply base to streamline transactional processing—passing the savings on to our clients. By communicating orders, acknowledgements and deliveries from SDI’s suppliers, our system ensures all purchase orders are delivered automatically and all MRO purchases are updated in a single repository to be easily viewed by our clients – no need to chase POs. We confirm electronically, so client sites always know when to expect delivery.

From a billing perspective, SDI invoices its service fee and the pass-through cost of product purchased in a summary statement twice per month. This eliminates the hundreds, if not thousands, of vendor payments currently made each month – a tremendous reduction in processing costs.

SDI’s people, process, and technology have enabled the worlds’ most efficient supply chains for over 50 years. Our passion is supply chain, and we’re driven to enable organizations to achieve tremendous savings and efficiencies, improving their lives overall. Contact us today to learn more.

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