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The Future of Inventory Management: Integrating AI and Machine Learning

Among the technologies contributing to full supply chain integration, artificial intelligence and machine learning reign as the most disruptive of the status quo. Destined to revolutionize management and transform the...

Planning for Supply Chain Optimization in 2024

To thrive in today's complex landscape, organizations must optimize their supply chain operations. As we move into 2024, here are some best practices for supply chain optimization.

How Distributors Can Benefit from Supplier Relationship Management

Explore the crucial role of Supplier Relationship Management in enhancing supply chain efficiency. Active management enhances the benefits of supplier relationship management in five major ways by optimizing vendor performance...

The 5 Crucial Components Needed to Enable Mobile Maintenance Procurement

Discover the five crucial components necessary to enable mobile maintenance procurement, including single-source search, real-time material tracking, and the importance of human interaction. Embrace the digital transformation journey with SDI,...
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