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How An MRO Supply Chain Audit Can Uncover Opportunities For Improvement And Cost Savings

How An MRO Supply Chain Audit Can Uncover Opportunities For Improvement And Cost Savings
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As industry begins to embrace digital technology and its benefits, many manufacturers and asset-intensive organizations are redefining their value and reshaping their businesses in an effort to stay ahead of the technological curve. While taking a deeper look at their value proposition is a step in the right direction, organizations can struggle with conflicting internal interests and building the business case for change – real change that will help them evolve to more predictive and reliable operations.

An MRO Supply Chain Audit is a gap analysis that will identify what is working well with your current MRO processes and the areas that have opportunities for improvement, which will ultimately result in cost savings. SDI’s MRO Supply Chain Auditor acts as a comprehensive evaluation and optimization tool for this analysis.

Key Areas to Consider

When making a business case to leadership for funding and resources to make the necessary changes, the Supply Chain Audit is a crucial first step. The Supply Chain Audit uncovers the Total Cost of Ownership for MRO by providing a holistic view of the MRO supply chain. When evaluating your current processes, there are various techniques and tools involved, such as the Best-in-Class storeroom assessment tool that helps to identify process improvements for operating efficiency and enhanced service levels.

The Supply Chain Auditor will assemble a cross-functional team within your organization to create a complete picture of your MRO Supply Chain. This includes speaking with:

  • Departmental stakeholders    
  • Operational leadership
  • Storeroom personnel
  • Finance personnel
  • Procurement personnel
  • Accounting personnel
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Planning personnel
  • Engineering personnel
  • Production personnel

Connecting the Dots

The Supply Chain Auditor collects the data to best understand the current state of your MRO strategy. With this, we identify areas that need improvement to help you focus your efforts.

The Supply Chain Audit will review:

  • Your current data management, receiving/storeroom, and source-to-pay processes
  • The asset management approach to managing your MRO business processes
  • The impact of your technology on the overall process

The Result of a More Connected Enterprise

After conducting site tours of your facilities, gathering data for analysis, and conducting interviews with key stakeholders, the supply chain auditor will analyze all of the information to let you know what is working efficiently and identify opportunities for further improvement. The supply chain audit will also identify the areas of risk, gaps, and the associated costs with maintaining the status quo. Taking this holistic view of your MRO supply chain will ensure that leadership understands the issues and opportunities that lie in MRO. The supply chain auditor can also make recommendations on how to connect everything to your enterprise for an MRO supply chain that is engineered specifically for your operations.

The MRO supply chain auditor developed by SDI is a comprehensive evaluation and optimization tool that can immediately eliminate waste and help your company on its journey to a digital supply chain. Contact our experts for more information.

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