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Ensuring a Supply of Industrial PPE Through a Proven Supply Chain Management Process

Ensuring a Supply of Industrial PPE Through a Proven Supply Chain Management Process
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The COVID-19 outbreak and resulting tensions between the United States and China have put the squeeze on the industrial PPE (personal protective equipment) supply chain. Manufacturers are struggling to find reliable sources for cleaning and disinfecting supplies, face shields, gloves, and other supplies they need to help keep their workers safe. With first responders and governments rightfully taking priority in receiving PPE, your industrial firm may not be able to secure what it needs on its own. Engaging the services of a dedicated maintenance, repair, and operations service provider could produce the leverage you’ll need for your facilities to open and contribute to the nation’s recovery.

Protect your People with Industrial PPE

With decades of experience sourcing, negotiating for, and purchasing critical industrial supplies, SDI understands supply chain functions forward and backward. We have forged relationships and work processes that enable our clients to withstand the most severe shortages. Managing your industrial PPE as a critical materials supply chain will help see your organization through this pandemic and any future supply disruptions. Optimizing your supply chain is crucial during the normal business cycle. Now, it has become a matter of life and death for your company and a critical objective to protect your employees’ health. Products that make the difference between staying open and shutting down operations for a significant period must be managed through an integrated, redundant-source supply chain. SDI has the supplier partnerships and infrastructure to help you establish reliable, diversified supply sources.
SDI sourcing experts can lock in supplies of critical materials and monitor supplier capacity to keep your products flowing. We keep regular contact with multiple sources to gain early warning if stockpiles diminish, and we constantly develop new sources of the most in-demand SKUs for our customers’ security. The supplier relationships we have nurtured over the years pay dividends in times like these.

Self-Managed Supply with ZEUS

SDI can prepare self-service kits containing everything you need to clean your storeroom and maintain safe practices such as social distancing, germ containment, and air and surface disinfecting, including disinfecting parts. For greater supply security we offer a range of services. We can implement the technology and train your staff for guaranteeing you can access the supplies you need using our proprietary ZEUS platform. Alternatively we can provide staggered shift on-site resources to comply with social distancing guidelines or full storeroom resources to manage the storeroom operations once quarantines are lifted. Managing the critical supply chain of industrial PPE materials via ZEUS-enabled solutions helps to ensure certainty of outcomes and continuity of supply. With this technology, you can have a plug and play solution for tracking essential materials through the supply chain:

On-Site, Comprehensive Industrial PPE Management

If you prefer, we can take a more hands-on approach, SDI can even work as an extension of your procurement team, essentially taking on all aspects of your supply acquisition needs. Working onsite or virtually, we can manage your sources of critical supplies from manufacture to delivery to your warehouse, and through the last mile of distribution to the employees who will use them. From our vantage point inside your company, we can deliver our most comprehensive services to streamline your supply chain operations and bolster your infrastructure for the long term:

  • Dedicated and experienced supply chain professionals to ensure adequate sourcing and uninterrupted supply.
  • Time-tested, standardized operating procedures to keep your receiving, storage, and distribution processes running smoothly and adhering to prescribed safety procedures.
  • A culture committed to innovation and continuous improvement using our vast database to help you make informed decisions regarding demand forecasts and avoid potential supply disruptions.

You owe it to yourself and your workers to learn how SDI can keep your people safe and keep your industrial facilities up and running. The economic recovery has begun, any unnecessary downtime could leave your company behind. Contact SDI today to learn more.

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