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Miriam Achour

Cooperative Purchasing Process

Cooperative Purchasing vs. Group Purchasing: Understanding the Key Differences

In the world of procurement strategies, cooperative purchasing and group purchasing organizations (GPOs) play pivotal roles in optimizing procurement efficiency and enhancing business operations. These approaches are central topics in...
Schools Overcome Building Maintenance Procurement Challenges

How Cooperative Purchasing Helps Schools Overcome Building Maintenance Procurement Challenges Cost-Effectively

In the K-12 education realm, achieving a balance between fiscal responsibility and operational efficiency presents a significant challenge, particularly regarding building maintenance and operations (MRO). Schools face unique hurdles, from...
Group Purchasing Organizations

Unlocking Cost Savings Through GPO-Based Supply Chain Management

With ongoing supply chain disruptions and inflation driving up costs, organizations are looking for innovative ways to optimize procurement and achieve savings. One approach gaining traction is participation in Group...
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