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Analytics Transforms Data into Decisions

Analytics Transforms Data into Decisions
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Manufacturing organizations collect, store, and compare vast amounts of data from every department as they strive to become as efficient as possible. Unfortunately, this data is often redundant, incomplete, and even contradictory. Organizing these disparate sources to parse more actionable insights requires a dedicated infrastructure, specialized skills, and labor-intensive processes.

Let the experts at SDI provide analytics services that deliver powerful insights without the upfront costs and resource commitment. SDI’s game-changing technology brings strategic advantages to the production floor, warehouse, and all along the maintenance, repair, and operations supply chain. Built by SDI expressly for facilities and indirect spend, ZEUS gives you the tools necessary to make solid, data-supported forecasts that reduce costs, mitigate risk, and increase operational control.

With SDI’s analytics-as-a-service, your company will see significant results organization-wide.

Identifying and targeting supplier consolidation opportunities

With ZEUS, companies can find trends where they previously had no visibility, clearly see how each department works, as well as where they overlap, and where service gaps exist. ZEUS takes the complexity of data, aggregating manufacturer and manufacturer part number to see where you’re buying redundant supplies from various suppliers, and combining it with real actionable information to drive the capability to consolidate suppliers and better source products. Helping you create better strategies for supply chain reliability. 

Contemporizing contracting and negotiation strategies —WAVE plans

ZEUS helps us look at your spend and determine who are the big contracts and where the big spend lies. We then evaluate your contracts, targeting activities on large spend, to see if it should be contracted, outsourced and contemporized for new business needs. Highlighting those opportunities enables SDI to build your WAVE plan, which identifies similar category suppliers, segments your spend and enables you to consolidate that spend to better leverage your buying power.  The WAVE plans also drive the RFP or RFS process, because testing the market and seeking new suppliers encourages innovation and competitive pricing.

Allowing your business better allocating of resources to core value-adding activities

Once you have visibility into your tailspend, MRO and FM spend, you realize that these smaller spend items still require a lot of activity to manage. Put your resources towards more strategic objectives and allow SDI to make your indirect spend work harder for you with aggregate pay terms, scrutiny into auto-renewal clauses, and performance measurement that protects against above-inflationary increases.

Eliminating large investment in the analytics infrastructure

SDI has invested in high-capacity hardware and software so you don’t have to. A highly flexible and scalable analytics platform, ZEUS collects invoicing, inventory, the internet of things, and other data points. ZEUS helps bring innovations closer to reality, making modern technology and automation more accessible, so users can make real-world, practical improvements in their businesses.  The platform allows users to take unstructured, in-actionable data and, with lightning quickness, reveals your expenditure analytics story to help pinpoint how best to put it to work for you.

Now more than ever, identifying productivity delays, reining in MRO spending, and implementing real-world supply chain solutions will determine which manufacturing companies survive and prosper. SDI has built the digital infrastructure clients can rely on to both deliver actionable data and to automate supply and production decisions.

Our analytics-as-a-service offering is a scalable, cost-effective tool for maximizing asset allocation, reducing total cost of ownership, and maintaining optimal inventory levels. Gain supreme power over your data. For actionable insights and real business outcomes.

Contact us to learn more about how analytics as a service from SDI can put your business on the fast track to greater competitiveness and increase profits.

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