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Below are the latest MRO focused articles published by SDI. These articles are provided to further educate users on MRO and the industry as a whole.

Master Data Management

Gather a clearer understanding of your operations MRO. Discovery a snapshot of your potential problems along with SDI's top solutions to help your current dilemmas. Learn how SDI's analysis process will bring powerful supply chain results to your manufacturing company.

value stream mapping

Learn the power of VSM and its ability to help improve the efficiency of operations, while helping applications such as procurement, warehousing, staging, and more. Discover how VSM is not only the simple visualization of your operations workflow, it's a crucial tool that can help establish prospective actions and how to achieve these goals.

Don't let their be a disconnect in information throughout your business. Take charge and keep your data timely, accurate, and credible! Learn how to take control of your MRO Master Data today.

Outsourcing your Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) can be tricky when you're deciding who will be the perfect fit for you. SDI is the best choice for your specialist provider. Check out this article to see why, and to learn how SDI's vast resume of engineering projects, advanced tools, and real world experience can benefit you.

Maintence, repair, and operations processes (MRO) is so important to SDI. The MRO supply chain influences virtually every job in the enterprise, and the tips we've learned at a training presented by Klaus Blache will allow us to improve on a variety of qualities. Read this article to learn more!

Just as the direct supply chain succeeds only when it creates satisfied customers, the indirect, or MRO supply chain is successful only when it creates assets that are available, locatable, usable, and cost-controllable. Learn more about why you may need to shift your view on valuable asset management.

Mistakes in ordering, handling, and distribution can be directly effective to the firm's success. Learn how to fix these deficiences and better operation your faculity.

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the three main types of maintenance; reactive, planned, and precision, and how to apply the best approach to each part of the production process.

Check out SDI's eye-opening guide that provides solutions to your common MRO problems. Increase your business outcome and improve upon supply chain goals.

Find that slow-moving or obsolete parts are cluttering your warehouse? Optimize your MRO inventory and learn how you can benefit from getting rid of SLOB in your warehouse.

Success Story

It takes a progressive manager to push the organization to look at indirect spend and managing it in a different way - but once you see it, then you realize the opportunity.

SDI at Work

Data standardization is part of Google’s new initiative to help people find relevant datasets.  With a recent study from Data Science Central, it’s estimated that data scientists spend 60% of their time preparing data for analysis, rather than performing the analysis itself.  Therefore, the goal of this schema is to drive standardization so that more time can be spent analyzing it.  

Employee Spotlight

Shirley is a high-energy leader with distinctive people skills and is a key element of SDI’s Marketing and Business Development organization and growth strategy.