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Below are the latest MRO focused articles published by SDI. These articles are provided to further educate users on MRO and the industry as a whole.

inventory camera

Storerooms are home to a company's most valuable products. Now, more than ever, establishing a reliable and up-to-date security system is your only guarantee for a safe and protected inventory. Discover the latest in storeroom technology security solutions with SDI.

Maintenance Storeroom Management and Inventory Management

The manufacturing industry has been under mounting pressure from growing international competition, industry consolidation, and increasing customer expectations.

Supply Chain Change Management

Controlling supply chain costs is at the top of every manufacturing firm's to-do list. Here is a guideline on how to make the most out of your MRO process.

Inventory, MRO Data Management

Did you know that you can reduce up to 20-40% of your inventory by updating your MRO data management process? MRO Data Management can help with everything from sourcing, maintenance, and inventory optimization so that you can cut downtimes where they’re needed and increase the functionality of your operations.

Gears, Illustrations, MRO Technical Services, MRO Project Services, MRO Strategy

Turns out many companies are surprised to find out that MRO Technical and Project Services Are Crucial to Asset Life Optimization. SDI’s MRO Technical Services can help eliminate equipment downtime and improve MRO process reliability through seven elements of an effective MRO Asset Lifecycle Optimization Strategy.

MRO Storeroom

MRO Storerooms no longer have a bad rap, but help companies realize profitability. Learn the benefits and elements of maintaining an efficient and secure storeroom.

Issues related to Equipment Bill of Material are overlooked so often that missteps in crucial details can lead to an increase in production downtime and in turn a loss of revenue. Find out how to understand what causes these deficits and how to resolve them in order to maximize the use of your equipment, employees, and resources.

Scheduled Maintenance

Both scheduled maintenance and reactive maintenance have their time and place, but which is the better option overall? Learn about when each model should be used and the pros and cons of each.

MRO Service Provider

Companies want to increase returns on all aspects of their business, but many companies overlook MRO. MRO can be a rich source of cost savings and productivity enhancements and partnering with an MRO-as-a-service provider can provide multiple advantages for any company. Here are four reasons to partner with a company like SDI.

MRO procurement has led many companies to waste spending as it is often the least considered expense of a company's consumables. To help reduce wasted spending, we've broken down the four most common MRO procurement mistakes committed by companies. Learn more about these mistakes and how you can fix them to make your company more profitable.

Success Story

It is important for my MRO supply chain provider to have a general understanding of my business--SDI knows my business from end to end.

SDI at Work

Data standardization is part of Google’s new initiative to help people find relevant datasets.  With a recent study from Data Science Central, it’s estimated that data scientists spend 60% of their time preparing data for analysis, rather than performing the analysis itself.  Therefore, the goal of this schema is to drive standardization so that more time can be spent analyzing it.  

Employee Spotlight

One of SDI’s Operations Analysts, Aisha has over 10 years of history working in the logistics and supply chain industry.