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MRO Inventory Management and Reduced Operating Expenses

As a way to reduce expenses, many companies have developed various types of storeroom management strategies to help reduce MRO inventory levels. However, many of these approaches can be improved to a much greater degree with SDI's predictive MRO inventory management.

How SDI's MRO Management System Works

Inventory Management

SDI's proprietary system consists of three primary components that improve inventory levels and lower a company's expenses. This unique approach employs aspects of logic, experience, and technology in order to achieve maximum results. The three elements at the core of this system are as follows:

  1. Use of numerous algorithms to predict when items will need to be replenished.
  2. Rapid identification of parts with substantially reduced utilization rates.
  3. Analysis of overused items to see if training might improve usage rates.

SDI's MRO Management System in Action

At a major food manufacturing corporation, SDI’s predictive inventory management was put to use and yielded some huge savings and lowered expenses. Stocking levels at one of the company's facilities were analyzed in order to lower them without increasing the possibility of an item running out. After this procedure was completed, it was determined that stocking levels could be lowered, which meant that the corporation would be able to lower its expenses. This analysis was performed by examining every work order over a period of 24 months and then comparing the actual lead time of each item with the maximum issue quantity that occurred during the same period of time.

Savings From SDI's Proprietary System

The savings that occurred from these analytical techniques were enormous. The corporation that made use of SDI's GAINS-powered MRO inventory management system reduced their expenses by over $90,000. The corporation was so pleased by this outcome that five more of its facilities are also expected to implement SDI's predictive inventory management system. Each additional facility was speculated to lower its costs by about $100,000 over the next year.

Let SDI's Proprietary MRO Management System Work For You

Many companies have discovered various ways to reduce their storeroom management expenses thanks to SDI's predictive inventory management system. However, predictive inventory management is just one part of the holistic MRO platform that SDI uses to make the indirect supply chain work best. 

Contact us today to implement SDI’s predictive inventory management in your supply chain and reduce your operating expenses.


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