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PPE As-a-Service

About PPE As-a-Service

For most organizations, having all of their eggs in one basket during the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain disruption proved detrimental and has revealed the need to manage PPE (personal protective equipment) as a critical supply chain, as organizations were challenged to keep their employees and customers safe. PPE and essential materials are now mission critical to ensure compliance with future regulations, to meet insurance requirements, and as part of collective bargaining agreements.

Over 50 years of managing MRO as a Supply Chain, with the infrastructure, supply network, process expertise, and technology to support it has culminated in SDI’s PPE As-a-Service℠ offering. PPE As-a-Service℠ allows organizations to diversify and spread the risk across our leveraged supplier network rather than relying on a sole supplier.

Inventory Management for PPE

Supply chain risk management programs identify areas where supply risk or demand surges are likely to occur, and plan accordingly. Often, the recommended solutions come in the form of strategic inventory or reserve capacity. However, aside from the working capital component of the reserve capacity, buyers need to be aware that PPE inventory is highly perishable, so excessive safety stocks often transform into obsolete, unusable inventory with no market value.

To address demand surges that overwhelm even healthy strategic supplies at the site level, a mission critical back-up must be provided by a central source. Back-ups such as strategic reserve (inventory), strategic sourcing augmentation, or dedicated/reserved capacity in manufacturing and distribution that can be called upon immediately when a surge requires it.

In the absence of an in-house strategic reserve that your organization can tap into, SDI has developed an innovative solution that could greatly benefit your organization, especially during future surges. Our PPE As-a-ServiceSM offering helps large, multi-site organizations plan for and mitigate supply chain disruptions related to PPE and essential materials.

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Strategic Reserve Access

  • Guaranteed availability of predetermined safety stock inventory items and quantities
  • Cooperative/pooled (secured) inventory model for essential supplies
  • Not subject to government supply allocation controls
  • Compressed and guaranteed lead time – max 24-48 hours
  • Fresh stock/guaranteed turned
  • QC and certification of all suppliers

Surge Support & Supply Assurance

  • 24/7/365 Command Center – cross-functional team empowered through process and technology reviewing real-time data to make decisions quickly
  • 50+ years’ experience, expertise, and market intelligence
  • Access to SDI’s breadth & depth of PPE & essential materials supply chain expertise
  • Pooled inventory purchasing with bulk/truckload order replenishment ensures supplier competitiveness, responsiveness, and overall consideration during demand surges

PPE Risk Assessment

PPE supply chain is not just a business problem. It directly impacts the health and safety of workers and their families. SDI’s PPE As-a-ServiceSM gives our customers certainty of outcome through proven people, process and technology that augments and enhances the supply chain processes necessary to get the right supplies into the hands of their employees, so they can continue to do their jobs safely and so businesses can continue to operate.

The Essential PPE Supply Chain is a critical component to execute your plan for a safe environment. And it’s potentially the weakest link. Organizations can better understand this essential supply chain and take action to mitigate against future supply shocks with SDI, augmenting your sourcing strategy with specialized resources available 24/7 and diversifying your supply base through our vetted network and 50+
years of supply chain experience.

Our PPE Supply Chain Risk Assessment aligns the PPE supply chain with your facility plan for a safe and healthy reopening. It is used in conjunction with data analytics to determine the unique needs of each client’s plant/facility, including the often-overlooked storeroom.

  1. Aggregating and evaluating lessons learned during and post COVID-19 pandemic in respect to your site needs
  2. Identifying and analyzing supply and spend data to derive insights for potential (future) events that may negatively impact individuals, assets, and/or the environment
  3. Data-driven assessment on the tolerability of the risk on the basis of a risk analysis while considering influencing factors
  4. WAVE/phased plan for sourcing PPE and essential materials
  5. Practical recommendations for mitigating risk

The result of the assessment is actionable analytics, insights and recommendations that can be implemented immediately.

The value in this program is realized in the reduction of working capital tied up in excess & obsolete PPE inventory and the reduction in operating expense related to annual carrying costs in addition to the benefits to employee health, safety, and productivity and business continuity. Mitigate price spikes during surge periods, comply to regulator and insurance guidelines and protect your brand image with the certainty of outcome that comes from a PPE As-a-Service solution. To get started, schedule a Supply Chain Risk Assessment or contact us today.