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Integrated Parts Management for Multi-site FM Organizations

This report illuminates the urgent need for Integrated Parts Management (IPM) in multi-site Facility Maintenance (FM) organizations. Addressing operational inefficiencies and waste in the current supply chain, it offers solutions to reduce costs, improve service levels, and enhance productivity. Leveraging IPM’s potential, the study underscores the critical role of a digitized supply chain in maintenance procurement and facilities management.

Key Points:

  1. Operational Inefficiencies: Unmanaged supply chains in multi-site FM organizations lead to increased costs and risk exposure.
  2. Integrated Parts Management: IPM is a digitized FM parts supply chain offering significant cost reduction and waste minimization.
  3. Maintenance Procurement: Emphasizes the need for FM leaders to optimize maintenance procurement to improve service levels and reduce supply chain costs.
  4. Supply Chain Digitization: Highlights the potential benefits of a digital supply chain in multi-site facilities management, including improved visibility, control, and maintenance productivity.

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