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24/7 Buy Desk

About 24/7 Buy Desk

It’s a new world, with an ever-changing supply chain landscape. How will you evolve to meet demand in the new Digital Revolution?

Supply Chain Disruptions

For all its sophistication, the global supply chain wasn’t built for resiliency, but rather efficiency. Heavy dependency on off-shore production and just-in-time supply chains left organizations with no flexibility and no surplus capacity to address demand surges.

Supply chain disruptions are impacting the ability of maintenance teams and FM professionals to meet their performance goals and maintain their plants/facilities because of part shortages, stock-outs, and extended lead times.

Supply Chain Disruption

Immediate Relief

The 24/7 Remote Buy Desk is for maintenance, repair, and operating (MRO) supplies, store essential supplies, consumables, and GNFR. It allows manufacturers, grocers, retailers, banks, schools, or any multi-site facilities maintenance team to simply call or email SDI to immediately plug into our intelligent, automated sourcing and leverage over 50 years of supply chain procurement and process expertise.

  • 24/7 remote buy desk for non-stock orders (tail, indirect, MRO, GNFR)
  • Plug in instantly to leverage SDI’s buying power and 50+ years of supply chain expertise.
  • Flexible and scalable specialized staff augmentation in a variable cost model
  • Enables staff to focus on core competencies – Planners focus on planning. Mechanics focus on turning a wrench, etc.
  • Includes all MRO, tailspend, indirect materials and consumables, even Goods Not for Resale

SDI’s people, process, and technology have enabled the worlds’ most efficient supply chains for over 50 years. Our passion is supply chain, and we’re driven to enable organizations to achieve tremendous savings and efficiencies, improving their lives overall. Contact us today to get started.