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Small MRO Projects Generate Major Investments

Small MRO Projects Generate Major Investments
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Many manufacturing companies realize that overhauling their maintenance, repair, and operations supply chain could reap great rewards. Still, they may remain hesitant to institute sweeping changes. They don’t know where to start; they rely on piecemeal legacy processes that would be costly to replace with integrated systems; they are afraid a major transition would disrupt production.

While these may be legitimate concerns, SDI can help virtually any company make a few incremental improvements that will deliver real benefits now and lay the groundwork for greater supply chain optimization. These incremental steps are scalable, customizable, and draw on few in-house resources.

Warehouse Organization

SDI employs Lean and Six Sigma principles to eliminate inefficiencies in your warehouse’s physical layout. After an initial inspection and analysis, SDI can design your stockroom layout for optimal material flow from receiving through distribution. Our design will ensure there is adequate space for storage, people and equipment maneuverability. The proper warehouse design includes a logical system for storing parts. Our professionals will standardize location designations for each SKU, making them easy to locate, count, and reorder.

Warehouse Security

An open storeroom is an invitation to hording, pilferage, and other wasteful practices. SDI can secure your warehouse and design a system of controls for distributing parts and supplies. A fully visible chain from the receiving dock to the warehouse to the machine shop, maintenance cart, or production floor serves as the first line of defense against waste. When employees check out MRO supplies through proper channels, each part can be tracked and managed more precisely, which helps:

  • avoid stockouts
  • eliminate costly emergency orders
  • keep production and maintenance on schedule


SDI can set up a complete barcoding and MRO inventory-tracking system to validate all existing-parts data and establish a protocol for adding new items. The integrated system will allow all authorized supervisors and managers access to up-to-the-minute inventory levels and parts usage by individual, department, plant, customer, and more. They will know exactly:

  • when a part is received
  • where it is stored
  • when it leaves the warehouse
  • where it is taken, and by whom

Allowing for accurate day-to-day production and maintenance management.

Data Standardization

Working with and using proprietary complementary software to boost your existing computerized maintenance management system, SDI can bring efficiency to your operation through data standardization and process automation. Prioritizing spare parts, eliminating SKU redundancies, filling in missing component specifications, etc. saves time and money and provides accurate information needed to make informed sourcing and procurement decisions. SDI recently employed a data cleansing solution to standardize more than 100,000 SKUs for a baked goods manufacturer’s 25 bakeries spread across a wide geographic area.

Lean Six Sigma Framework

Because MRO and the Indirect Supply Chain in general is an under-resourced area, most storerooms and warehouses are in a reactive mode. They don’t have time to put corrective actions in place. An outside view, a different perspective, sometimes is the push most organizations need to get headed in the right direction. Someone who is accountable for delivering results within a specific period of time.  Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology that takes a scientific approach to resolving process problems, reducing errors and creating value. Six Sigma brings together the various tools for continuous improvement and eliminating waste systematically. The ultimate goal of Six Sigma at SDI is to create an organization that can solve problems, innovate and provide value to its customers in the most efficient and effective way.

While there is much to be gained from a fully integrated MRO supply chain process from SDI, companies may opt for a more modularized approach. Contact us for more information on how small projects that offer easy ways to cut expenses and improve productivity can help your business.

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