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SDI Helps Eliminate Transaction Processing Nightmares

SDI Helps Eliminate Transaction Processing Nightmares
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All companies strive to keep their supply chain costs as low as possible, but many do not seem to be able to drive out inefficiencies in their management of indirect spend. While the price per unit of most maintenance, repair, and operations supplies are minimal, total cost can be substantial, especially when we consider the price of labor-intensive, mistake-prone processes.

SDI’s MRO transaction processing service reduces costs and increases efficiencies by solving the most common problems plaguing companies’ indirect spending:


With thousands of order line items involving hundreds of products and scores of suppliers, all with individual formats, taxonomies, and procedures, eliminating errors can give a company a cost advantage over its competitors. SDI brings a standardized system that consolidates payments with purchasing, receiving, and warehousing. Our experience and technology quickly reconciles discrepancies among invoices, purchase orders, delivery receipts, etc.


Our proprietary ZEUS gateway integrates MRO parts ordering, shipment tracking, invoicing, and inventory control. This provides detailed insights into indirect spend categories, across departments, locations, and entire enterprises. With these tools at hand, SDI positions your company to take advantage of early-pay discounts, locate incorrect invoices, and properly allocate expenses.


SDI’s comprehensive order-review protocol ensures strict adherence to supplier exclusivity, parts specifications, and prices. Our compliance model converts negotiated structured agreements to action items throughout the procurement-to-payment timeline. Companies experiencing excessive rogue ordering and overreliance on P cards will benefit from SDI’s consolidation and coalescence of ordering and payment into a centralized model that ferrets out any other extracurricular spending.


By converting small suppliers’ invoices from paper to electronic formats, SDI streamlines transactions and makes them viewable and controllable through ZEUS and Electronic Data Interface. Eliminating these small-scale transactions expedites payments and makes records instantly reviewable. Supplier management is performed more quickly through touchless matching and electronic workflow, reducing transaction costs per dollar spent on MRO. Our results speak for themselves; last quarter we processed invoices in an average of three days. Fewer than 10% required longer than seven days. In addition, nearly 80% of all invoices were processed electronically during the first pass.

Let’s get started

SDI’s transaction management services can be instrumental in:

  • bringing MRO transaction costs under control
  • standardizing payment procedures
  • eliminating ordering and payment errors
  • automating and digitizing labor-intensive, paper-based routines

Our indirect-spend solutions can generate substantial time and money savings that can be invested in more strategic operations and revenue-producing activities.

When you engage SDI to manage your transactions, you benefit from our proprietary digital infrastructure and our years of experience in the field. SDI’s culture of continual improvement puts the latest developments and technology to work optimizing service levels and measuring performance with metrics that illuminate areas translate to potential cost savings and more efficient resource allocation.

The experts in SDI’s Procurement Team can create a system that ensures your daily operations comply with your sourcing and buying strategies. They understand and analyze how all transactions are connected to your overall supply chain and business strategy, considering order history and utilizing their industry knowledge to proactively run your operations efficiently now, and as you expand.

Learn more about SDI’s Transaction Processing services or contact us today at 866-643-1573 or via our contact form, and put us to work analyzing your transaction processing needs, designing a customized interface that accomplishes the service, timing, order resolution, and transparency you need to ensure compliance, reduce paperwork, and eliminate errors.

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