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SDI Harnesses the Digital Supply Chain to Source a New Line of Face Masks that Could Help Companies Get Back to Work

DI Harnesses the Digital Supply Chain to Source a New Line of Face Masks that Could Help Companies Get Back to Work
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COVID-19 has changed our world. Leaders around the globe are trying to determine how to balance the business needs of reopening the economy with stopping the spread of the virus. And the research on prevention is continually evolving, requiring us to sift through the daily flood of information – including many conflicting messages – to determine how to stay safe during these unprecedented times.
Both the U.S. Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization recommend wearing face coverings to help prevent the spread of microbes. But for face masks to work, they must be worn – and worn correctly.
There are several challenges. First is comfort: A survey conducted by Premise, a San Francisco-based data research company, found the No. 1 reason cited for not wearing a mask was that wearers found them to be uncomfortable. Even when worn faithfully, masks must be properly handled to avoid inadvertent spread of germs that have landed on the fabric during use. Additionally, good masks can be difficult to come by, and a mask that falls apart is of no use.

Utilizing the Digital Supply Chain to Source Innovative PPE Products

SDI’s experts are regularly harnessing digital supply chain technologies to assess the growing body of data to find the best products available on the marketplace. One offering is from Ascend Performance Materials, a Houston-based company that has issued a line of masks under its new Acteev™ technology line.
The company recently launched general-purpose face masks under the brand name Acteev Protect™, an antimicrobial line specially formulated to guard against the growth of fungi, bacteria and other microbes that cause odor and discoloration. Acteev Protect masks are made from a patented technology based on embedded zinc ions that destroy microbes. And unlike similar masks, they are reusable – the antimicrobial properties protect the mask from degradation and contamination, allowing the mask to be worn multiple times without losing efficacy.
Additionally, Acteev Protect masks offer best-in-class comfort. Mask users have three main complaints about wearability: breathability, heat build-up and discomfort. The Acteev Protect mask addresses all of these concerns. They offer 30% better breathability than similar face masks, and they’re made from the softest fabric available in nonwoven form – a special type of nylon that not only feels soft against the face but also is naturally moisture-wicking, providing a “cooling” effect against the skin.

Continual Innovation at SDI

SDI provides MRO and PPE services and solutions for essential workers. Part of the value in being a part of digital supply chain ecosystem is being able to continually innovate and bring new solutions to our customers. We are here to help you navigate these changing times, whatever your needs may be. To learn more about our PPE sourcing services, please contact us or fill out our PPE risk assessment.

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