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Partner Perspective with CEO of Unilog, Suchit Bachalli

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Data is King. Big Data, little data – as long as it’s clean it can be actionable and have huge impacts on business outcomes. Last year, SDI announced our partnership with Unilog to bolster our MDM and implementation processes.

Almost one year later, I’m proud to say that the partnership with Unilog has been wildly beneficial to our clients. We’ve improved our search capabilities and thus improved our client’s ability to find what they need, save money and further connect their indirect materials and services supply chains.

On October 6th, SDI is hosting a webinar with Suchit Bachalli, appropriately titled: Data is King. This webinar, which addresses the biggest challenges that stem from how data is managed at any organization, reminded me of when I interviewed Suchit for my LinkedIn publication series, Partner Perspective.

In this piece, Suchit talks about growing up with Unilog and what all the excitement around Industry 4.0 is all about. Enjoy!

And if you’re interested in attending the webinar, there’s still time. Sign up for this free webinar today!

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