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MRO Technical and Project Services: The Key to Connecting your MRO Strategy to your Asset Life Optimization Strategy

MRO Technical and Project Services
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While it’s clear that an optimized MRO supply chain supports reliability strategies, many companies are surprised to learn that MRO technical services and project services are a crucial part of asset life optimization. 

MRO technical services help companies enable sustainable production by eliminating unexpected equipment downtime… and improving MRO process reliability – all while reducing the total cost of MRO.

The Seven Elements of an effective MRO Asset Lifecycle Optimization Strategy include:

  1. Asset criticality process – where critical assets that impact health, safety, environment, and production are identified as part of a reliability-centered maintenance strategy.
  2. BOM strategy – Bills of Material are developed for equipment… starting with the critical assets… to ensure that the right parts are available when needed, and assigned as part of the maintenance plan. This process also helps identify OEM commercialization opportunities – creating more value by providing more cost-effective alternatives.
  3. Warranty & repair strategy – where equipment is identified that can be economically repaired, as opposed to being scrapped.  Once this process is developed, tracking software monitors repairs and associated vendor warranties.
  4. Asset standardization process – in this step, a plant-wide analysis is performed on several asset types… to determine what can be standardized.  Once this is done, a strategy is developed to standardize equipment that will lead to optimum life-cycle cost and value.
  5. Root cause failure analysis – For critical equipment impacting production… a detailed system analysis is performed by constructing a causal timeline to fully understand the underlying factors contributing to equipment failures. Here’s where most clients implement solutions to enhance equipment reliability.
  6. Component reengineering – Where state-of-the-art 3D Laser scanning and computer modeling technologies are utilized to re-engineer asset components. This is done through reverse engineering methodologies…or… through a complete redesign process to improve the life of these components and the overall asset… while also reducing cost.
  7. And finally, asset lifecycle analysis – where assets are analyzed from a lifecycle perspective… which includes reliability, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, and part-utilization analytics.

Through this series of time-tested improvement processes, SDI MRO Technical Services, and Project Services align with your maintenance strategy to ensure that critical equipment is reliable.

For more information on how SDI’s MRO Technical Services are a key element of a more connected enterprise, contact us today or learn more here.

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