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Join SDI at the ConnexFM National Conference in Long Beach, CA in April

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Posted on Tue, 03/29/2022

The ConnexFM National Conference in Long Beach, CA is less than one month away and it may be THE show to attend for the FM world this year. This year’s show boasts an impressive 300+ FM Exhibitors and 30+ Education Sessions to foster an environment of collaboration, partnership, growth, and an exchange of new FM ideas. This year’s speaker lineup is jam-packed between Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s keynote speech and closes with a live performance from Vanilla Ice. I am looking forward to many of the break out sessions at this year’s show, that feature speakers on a wide range of topics full of insights that promote growth and maturity within the FM community. In my opinion, the education sessions and mini bite presentations hold incredible value across the industry verticals of Retail, Healthcare, Finance & Banking, and Food & Beverage. You can’t choose wrong as each topic has identified clear learning objectives, but among the thirty sessions available to attend, here are the four that I am prioritizing for my second national conference experience.

ConnexFM National Conference

#4 Why Should You Use Linkedin?

When: April 26th, 2 pm – 3:30 pm

I highly recommend this session for anyone looking to leverage the power of networking at this event into a meaningful professional relationship. Below is a brief description taken from the Connex website.

LinkedIn is the proven #1 ranked online business-networking tool that gives business professionals and companies the ability to connect, demonstrate their skills, services, and products, and develop meaningful business relationships and sales. During this session, Terry Sullivan the founder of BuzzPro, will show how to use LinkedIn to expand your influence and how to take advantage of the unlimited opportunities LinkedIn offers as a personal branding and marketing tool to help you achieve your business goals.

#3 Bust to Boom – Retail Rebounds Hard Post-Covid

When: April 27th, 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

I recommend this session for anyone looking to understand where growth will occur and the implications for retail properties from malls to outdoor shopping centers and every asset class in between. This session could prove to be a game-changer for FM’s looking to prepare for the challenges due to accelerated rebound growth and to insulate themselves from risk. Description below! 

The retail and restaurant world was ground zero when the pandemic hit in 2020. Along with hospitality and air travel, the retail and retail real estate world faced outsized challenges both from lockdowns and the overnight shifts in consumer behavior that COVID wrought. This came after years of eCommerce disruption that was already challenging select retail sectors as we moved into a new omnichannel reality. The new reality is that retail closures and bankruptcies in 2022 will be at their lowest levels in nearly a decade. Meanwhile, planned growth is exploding—with expansion rates not just on pace to surpass closures for the first time in years, but likely to triple them in the year ahead. That growth isn’t just coming from the retail categories that thrived during the pandemic. It is also emerging from a new crop of digital-native brands and a rising wave of independents from experiential/entertainment concepts to restaurants of all types looking to rebuild segments that were challenged through no fault of their own as consumers chimp at the bit for a return to normalcy. Retail isn’t just recovering in 2022. It’s rebounding hard.

#2 Mini-Bite Session: How to Move From Task-Based RFPs to Outcome-Based Request For Solutions

April 27th, 9:00 am – 9:45

This session is highly recommended if you are looking to walk through the RFS process and gain knowledge on outcome-based contracting. Expect to hear commercial insights that can drive value with service providers and the supply chain, while understanding new approaches that foster collaboration between facilities management, procurement, and service providers.

RFPs are out and RFSs are in! Tangible solutions should be the deciding factor when selecting service providers, suppliers, or partners. Historically, RFP processes often result in cost becoming the deciding factor for a partnership. This very prescriptive approach ends up stifling innovation and limiting outcomes. Jim Owens, Chief Growth Officer at SDI, will share why organizations are shifting to a Request for Solution (RFS) tool that, when leveraged well, can drive innovative wins for FM companies AND service providers/suppliers.

#1 ESG 101: Understanding ESG and its Impact

April 25th, 2:15 pm – 3:15

I’d recommend you to join this featured session by Connex to learn more about ESG. Understand how it affects RFP and business decisions, and how you can play an important role in supporting your organization’s ESG initiatives. Look to hear ESG key concept highlights, understand how Multi-Site and Supplier professionals are using ESG to make business decisions and learn the future importance of ESG initiatives.

ESG is one of the hottest topics among businesses and corporations around the world. But what does “ESG” mean, and how does it impact the facilities management industry? ESG evolved from business sustainability. Businesses are adopting ESG performance standards to measure, gather, and share data on the organization’s effect on the environment, impact on society, and leadership values. Tom Kay, Chief Revenue Officer of SMG Facilities and others will discuss panel style about tangible action items that can help organizations support ESG goals and activities. 

Connex is positioning itself not only as the leader in FM but also in FM professional development. There are many different ways to get involved and grow with Connex. Be sure to explore the different committees and the volunteer work that the organization does. If you are a millennial, be sure to connect with members from the YP (young professional) committee, I also recommend new members and first timers to explore the DEI (diversity and inclusion) committee or the Women and Action committee for emerging female FM leaders.

Get pumped for this show and if you aren’t already going there is still time to register! If our paths don’t cross at any of the above sessions or committee activities you can always find me at Booth #926 for SDI, where I will be sharing resources on ways to integrate parts management into your FM strategy by harnessing digital supply chain technology. In a time where organizations are battling rising costs, labor disruption and frequent stock outs, SDI has brought relief and value to our clients maintenance programs with our services and technology. Stop by to introduce yourself and connect. I look forward to meeting, forming a meaningful connection and enjoying the Connex experience with you.

Stay Connected,

Charnett Max Moffett

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