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The Components That Make Up a Strategic Facilities Management Program

The Components That Make Up a Strategic Facilities Management Program
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For over 50 years SDI has worked collaboratively with our clients to develop solutions that deliver the outcomes they desire – whether that’s reducing parts consumption, saving on piece price, improving employee workflow processes, or bolstering asset productivity. Together, we’ve come up with dynamic ways to create competitive advantages for our clients that focus specifically on industry-leading indirect supply chain and facility management solutions.

SDI’s facility management services help reduce costs, increase operational excellence, and control risks. With customized plans built specifically to address their needs and pain points, clients can often save upwards of 15% during the first year.

In order to address the very specific needs of each client, it’s important to distinguish between the  different components that make up a strategic facility management service offering.

  • Complete Service Provider Management– SDI’s most complete services focus on every detail of managing a facility all at once. SDI recognizes that a facility is, in many ways, a complex machine with many interconnected and moving pieces. In order to achieve the greatest outcomes, it is best to look at the bigger picture.
  • Scheduling and Validation– Scheduling and validation is absolutely essential for a facility to make sure that the right resources are being managed by the right people and are always delivered on time.
  • SLAs and KPIs– Keeping track of all relevant service level agreements (SLAs) and monitoring a facility’s key performance indicators (KPIs) can help ensure operations are both effective and able to continue without any interruptions.
  • Invoicing and Payment– By keeping track of all invoices and payments, a facility can create smoother cash flow schedules while operating within its fiscal and administrative limitations.
  • Quality Control– As the phrase undoubtedly implies, quality control is perhaps the most important component of managing any productive facility. SDI works diligently to assure that all products and services are able to satisfy the specific criteria laid out by the facility management team.
  • Performance Management– Focusing specifically on performance management can help reduce redundancies, create more desirable outcomes, and find discrete opportunities to increase the facility’s overall efficiency.

By placing a special emphasis on each component of the facility management service cycle, SDI has helped multiple organizations improve their operations and achieve their desired outcomes. When an organization enrolls in one or several of SDI’s managed service programs, they gain access to our national service center (located in Bristol, PA), field-based quality assurance managers, and on-site team members as needed.

Additionally, organizations can take advantage of SDI’s strategic sourcing programs. These are standalone programs that seek to find marketplace solutions, superior sourcing options, and contracts that are able to satisfy the client’s specific set of needs. SDI also works diligently to provide its clients with successful technology deployment plans, reliable life of asset plans, and sustainability initiatives.

Most clients come to SDI because they are hoping to decrease their monthly expenses, improve visibility and control, decrease risk, and innovate ahead of the competition.

Some of the issues clients come to SDI to address include:

  • Inefficient or ineffective supply chains
  • Various operational liabilities
  • The need to recognize and implement key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • An inability to adapt to service or operational failures
  • A strong need to become more efficient, organized, or streamlined

The reason why facilities continue turning to SDI for comprehensive and data-supported solutions is because, for over 50 years, SDI has focused on finding ways for every client to improve their indirect supply chain services operations. The company works diligently to provide customized solutions that can cater to a wide variety of businesses. No matter what component of SDI’s facility management services you may be in need of, we’ll work to build you the right solution for whatever constraints you may have. Contact SDI today to discuss how our facility management services can benefit your company.

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