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4 Reasons to Partner with an MRO Service Provider

4 Reasons to Partner with an MRO Service Provider
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Even as manufacturing companies race to increase their return on everything from engineering to marketing, they may be overlooking a rich source of cost savings and productivity enhancements. By engaging a maintenance, repair, and operations company to correct the processes by which they locate, purchase, store, and use MRO supplies and consumables, companies stand to gain several advantages including:

  • Reduced total cost of ownership of spare parts and other supplies
  • Mitigated risk of production downtime owing to unplanned maintenance
  • Greater agility by reducing inventory carrying costs and more efficient allocation of resources.

Partnering with an MRO-as-a-service provider, such as SDI, often is the best option for manufacturers desiring to take control of their indirect spend. Here’s 4 reasons why:

1. Time is of the Essence

The sheer magnitude of an MRO optimization project scares many companies. They do not  know how to begin integrating or replacing antiquated legacy systems, fragmented purchasing procedures, and the endless, disorganized paper trail of orders, shipments, and delivery discrepancies.

Unfortunately, doing nothing is no longer an option. The status quo will cost your organization market share, as competitors hire maintenance, repair, and operations companies to improve safety, agility, and speed to execution. SDI eliminates those worries by expertly preparing, analyzing, managing, and tracking the entire supply chain process. Freed from these obligations, your R&D, finance, sales, distribution, and other departments can concentrate on what they do best. Trust SDI to handle your MRO operations, and start saving space, money, and time.

2. You Can’t Do It Alone

SDI has invested nearly a half century and millions of dollars to develop the expertise and infrastructure to seamlessly integrate data and technology with market insights and purchasing power infrastructure. Creating such a complex array of tools and assets would be cost prohibitive for any manufacturing company. But you can profit from our investment in maintenance, repair, and operations services. Partnering with SDI will easily pay for itself through:

  • Greater production efficiencies
  • Lower supply cost
  • Greater focus on value-adding activities

Experienced in MRO, tail spend, and indirect supply chain management, SDI’s subject matter experts and technical services engineers work collaboratively with you on a customized solution that is fully scalable, intuitive, and efficient.

3. We Share a Common Goal

Many “integrated MRO providers” are nothing more than parts distributors. They make money by selling you more material – whether you need it or not. As a true maintenance, repair, and operations company, SDI is completely supplier agnostic; we have no alliance to equipment makers or brands. We align our objectives with yours. Because our contracts are performance-based, we are geared to reduce your expenditure on parts – their purchase, their storage, and their consumption. We succeed only by saving you money all along the supply chain:

  • Strategic Sourcing – Vetting vendors and using SDI’s industry knowledge and market leverage to get you the best pricing.
  • Supplier Consolidation – Aggregating spend across divisions and locations to streamline procurement and reduce contract and vendor management costs.
  • Integration and Standardization – Automating the purchase-to-pay process with online catalogs and E-ordering to empower the MRO supply chain to mitigate risk, ensure sustainability, and support strategic initiatives.

4. You Can Start Small

If you’re not ready for a full, enterprise-wide MRO overhaul, SDI’s project teams can undertake specific projects that pay big dividends. Two common services organizations ask us to perform – data cleansing and storeroom setup/optimization – typically require less than two months.

Accurate and comprehensive information on parts, cost, inventory levels, specification, and usage are at the heart of any MRO enterprise. SDI’ s data cleansing service redesigns the way information is collected and presented. Standardized data provides transparency throughout the supply chain and allows firms to make informed decisions.

Whether you’re building a new storeroom or renovating an existing warehouse, SDI will make it as efficient as possible. Our professionals will help you develop standardized nomenclature not only for parts, but also their storage locations and the receiving/put-away process. Our service includes intuitive storeroom layout, access and security plans, material flow analysis, receiving and distribution process design, and more.

Learn more about the other quick win, low commitment services SDI has to offer.

Contact us today to discover how partnering with SDI can bring a more strategic, integrated approach to your MRO supply chain.

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